Uptime. Efficiency. Performance. Two Engines. Zero Compromises.
Two Engines.

Cummins is reinventing the heavy-duty engine category with two unique X15™ engines. The X15 Performance Series delivers unprecedented power, with up to 605 hp and 2050 lb-ft peak torque. The X15 Efficiency Series uses an optimized combustion recipe to achieve the highest compression ratio in the industry, for unmatched thermal efficiency, fuel economy and responsiveness.

Plus, every X15 engine comes with over-the-air calibration capability, a Single Module™ aftertreatment system, the most powerful engine brake in the industry, extended service intervals and Connected Diagnostics,™ for maximum uptime.

The X15 was subjected to the largest field test in company history, with over 8 million real-world test miles run before it was launched. We don't just talk about our commitment to providing customers with the most dependable product in the market. We prove it.

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X15 Performance Series.

Cummins has dominated the big-bore engine category over the past three decades, and our new X15 Performance Series leaves the competition even further in the dust. Virtually every critical component, from the power cylinder and camshaft to the turbo and fuel system, has been upgraded to deliver the best performance and durability in the industry with faster throttle response. Ratings range from 485 hp to 605 hp, with peak torque up to 2050 lb-ft, making it the most powerful engine available in a truck.

The X15 Performance series also gives you stronger braking power at lower rpm – over 450 bhp at 1500 rpm, and up to 600 bhp at 2100 rpm. At a full 15 liters in size, the X15 doesn't have to work as hard as 10- to 13-liter engines, resulting in better fuel economy, longer life and better resale value down the road.

If you're looking to kick butt on the hills, the X15 Performance Series is the engine for you.

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X15 Efficiency Series.

ADEPT™ electronic features, the high-efficiency VGT® Turbo and an optimized combustion formula have resulted in a significant increase in fuel economy, together with improved throttle response. The X15 Efficiency Series uses an optimized combustion recipe that enhances thermal efficiency while delivering the highest compression ratio in the industry. It breathes like a medium-bore engine while delivering big-bore performance with up to 500 hp. Combine the X15 Efficiency Series engine with an automated manual transmission, and you can utilize our SmartCoast,™ SmartTorque2 and Predictive Cruise Control (PCC) features within ADEPT to increase fuel economy by up to 6 percent (compared with the 2016 model year). ADEPT helps rookie drivers drive like pros by interacting with automated manual transmissions and adapting to the operating conditions. The integrated Single Module aftertreatment system dramatically increases cleaning intervals while saving weight and space.

Overall maintenance costs are reduced by 40 percent compared with our 2010 engine, saving you more than $6,000 over the first half-million miles. In fact, you can go up to 6 years without having to touch the DPF. For even greater fuel savings, check out the fully integrated SmartAdvantage™ Powertrain, which includes the X15 Efficiency Series. It delivers up to 20 percent better fuel economy versus EPA 2010 engines, every gallon.

Cummins X15 Efficiency Series delivers a total cost of ownership that keeps your money where it belongs – in your wallet.

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Brawn And Brains.

The value that Cummins is bringing to the trucking industry goes well beyond engine hardware. Cummins is bringing the next step in remote technology with our Connected Solutions™ telematics features. Along with our proven Connected Diagnostics™ system, we're introducing Connected Software Updates, which enable safe, secure over-the-air Electronic Control Module (ECM) recalibrations in just five minutes.

Trust Makes All The Difference.

The most reassuring part of owning any Cummins-powered vehicle is knowing that we've always got your back. Cummins engine experts and our extensive training programs ensure service and support excellence that you can depend on, no matter the situation. We are committed to the success of your business, which means complete dedication to working with you on everything from upfront vehicle and engine spec'ing to maximizing your vehicle uptime. You aren't just buying a Cummins engine; you're buying Cummins expertise and commitment, anywhere and everywhere your business takes you. Contact Cummins Care at 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467) to learn more about the largest, most capable service network in the world.

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