Welcome to the Cummins Family

Congratulations on taking delivery of your new Cummins X15™ powered truck! This engine platform was designed and built for customers like you, and we want to make sure your experience with this premium product is exceptional. In order to ensure this happens, we have provided additional information on your engine below so that you can see for yourself everything the X15 has to offer. We hope you enjoy your new Cummins-powered truck.

ADEPT™ features:

Cummins X15 includes the most advanced fuel-saving features so you get the most out of every drop of diesel fuel with no impact to productivity. Cummins ADEPT dynamically interacts with automated manual transmissions, adapting to operating conditions to help even novice drivers operate as efficiently as possible to enhance fuel economy. The full suite of ADEPT features includes SmartTorque2™, SmartCoast™ and Predictive Cruise Control (PCC). Together, they are proven to deliver up to 6% better fuel economy.

  • SmartTorque2 - Senses the selected gear, the overall engine load based on GVW, aerodynamic drag and road grade to determine the exact amount of torque needed to maintain road speed and eliminate unnecessary downshifts.
  • SmartCoast – Improves efficiency while coasting on moderate downhill grades with the transmission keeping the clutch engaged while shifting out of gear, allowing the engine to return to idle and reducing drag. This conserves vehicle momentum and improves fuel economy. The transmission automatically shifts into the correct gear at the exact moment power is needed to maintain road speed, whether you need acceleration or engine braking.
  • Predictive Cruise Control - Using GPS technology, PCC previews the road ahead and modifies both the fueling rate and road speed limit to take advantage of vehicle momentum, doing so with such precision that will help you increase your fuel economy.

It’s advanced technology like SmartTorque2, SmartCoast and Predictive Cruise Control that make the X15 the most fuel-efficient engine in the industry – a fact that’s not up for debate. To learn more about ADEPT check out the video below.

Extended Coverage:

Extended coverage allows you to make financial plans with complete confidence, with options for up to 7 years or up to 700,000 miles for major componets on registered parts and labor. Cummins extended coverage plans are available covering internal components and major engine systems, and listening to customers like you has resulted in modifications to Cummins extended warranty packages to include additional components and simplified offerings for our 2017 engines. Peace of mind comes from knowing that you’ve bought a quality product, and that the manufacturer will stand behind it for years to come.

Pricing and coverage options will be different for the X15™ Performance Series and X15™ Efficiency Series due to the differences in operating technology and duty cycles. But, regardless of engine model, Protection Plans 1 and 2 will now include Travel Protection.

Aftertreatment coverage continues to be available with pricing and durations that more closely parallel the duty cycles for each engine, meaning that there will be separate pricing for the X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series engines. Protection Plan 1 coverage is still a prerequisite for purchase of aftertreatment coverage for heavy-duty engines.

With additional components being added, longer intervals and simplified offerings, our new extended warranty packages make sure you are covered for the life cycle of your engine. For additional details, contact your local Cummins distributor or dealer.


For years, fleets and owner-operators have questioned whether “one size fits all” oil drain intervals really make sense. Especially when one fleet might be hauling a full load across the mountains, while another would be running a partial load across the plains at 55 mph. Now, with the Cummins OilGuard program, we are using engine oil analysis and engine performance data to safely extend drain intervals, minimize vehicle downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize the residual value of your fleet. The comprehensive engine protection program allows users of 2017 X15 engines to assess existing maintenance practices with a potential of optimizing Oil Drain Intervals (ODI) up to 80,000 miles. In other words, OilGuard has been developed to help improve your total cost of ownership and lower your lifecycle maintenance costs.

Here’s how the OilGuard program works. There’s an initial assessment of maintenance practices and a site audit. INSITE™ or ECM data will be utilized to develop your fleet’s duty cycle performance profile. A percentage of the fleet representing the duty cycle and environmental variations are chosen for testing purposes with regular monitoring of performance data and oil samples. How frequently the samples are pulled varies by the desired ODI. For instance, customers seeking to optimize drain intervals to 80,000 miles will need to send in samples every 10,000 miles. Once the oil sample has been taken, all the driver will need to do is write the odometer mileage on the bottle, place the bottle in the provided mailer and mail. Once the testing phase is complete the used oil analysis determines that your fleet is capable of a longer oil drain interval, Cummins will approve an optimized drain interval for the entire 2017 X15 fleet within the same duty cycle as the test fleet. This optimized drain interval will be a part of the required maintenance for warranty coverage.

On January 2, 2017, OilGuard will begin taking customer requests for program participation. Only 2017 X15 Efficiency fleets will be able to participate at this time, with the program extending to include 2015 X15 Performance and pre-2017 ISX15 engines in the future. If you want to participate in OilGuard, contact your Cummins representative or call 1-800-Cummins.  A Cummins representative will schedule an appointment to discuss the program details and expectations. 

Connected Solutions™:

The value that Cummins is bringing to the trucking industry goes well beyond engine hardware. With the X15, Cummins is bringing the next step in remote connections with our Connected Solutions telematics features and over-the-air capabilities to enhance uptime.

  • Connected Diagnostics™: The minute a fault code is generated, Connected Diagnostics uses your on-board telematics system to connect with Cummins. Instantly a snapshot of performance data is analyzed and compared to our worldwide history for diagnosis. A probable cause is determined and a recommended action is sent to the driver and fleet management.
  • Connected Calibrations™: A first for the market, Connected Calibrations lets fleet managers and operators optimize their truck or apply a calibration without going to a service shop or even touching it. This addition to the Cummins suite of telematics-based capabilities allows users to “read” proprietary data from the engine and to “write” data to the engine through a capable telematics connection.  Connected Calibrations will empower you to remotely send genuine Cummins engine calibration software over-the-air to your connected engine anytime from anywhere, keeping your trucks rolling longer.
  • Connected Tuning™ - Allowing real-time tracking and the modification of parameter settings across an entire fleet, Connected Tuning applications will empower customers to see, like never before, each connected engines’ feature and parameter settings from their office chair and provide the capability to tune these settings to optimize the engine no matter where the truck may be located.  This can be used if a truck is running multiple routes in order to optimize the engine performance for each one. 

While Connected Diagnostics is currently available, Connected Calibrations will be coming to market in early 2017 and Connected Tunings will be introduced in late 2017. To learn more about our Connected Solutions telematics features check out our Connected Diagnostics brochure or visit our page on Connected Diagnostics for more information.