X15 For Motorhomes (2017)


X15 For Motorhomes (2017)

How do you make the industry-leading 15-liter engine even better? You talk to customers, spend thousands of hours on a dynamometer and run 9 million
real-world test miles to deliver better performance, reliability and support.


  • Optimized Emissions Control – Cummins Single Module™ aftertreatment has exceptional thermal efficiency, resulting in fewer regenerations, and meets OBD16 and GHG17 requirements.
  • Hardware Improvements – Includes a stronger turbo actuator, a larger-flow Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler and optimization through removal of several components.
  • Improved Oil Control – Up to 40 percent reduction in oil consumption through power cylinder improvements.
  • Collaboration with Chassis Builders – Each installation undergoes rigorous testing to ensure trouble-free operation.


  • The Most Powerful Engine for Motorhomes – The X15, with up to 605 hp, now has better performance at lower rpm, for faster acceleration and more confidence when driving in the mountains.
    Stay in Control – The most powerful compression brake in the industry, with over 600 bhp, for confidence going down grades and better service brake life.
  • Better Acceleration, Faster Warm-Up and Stronger Engine Braking – The proven Cummins VGT® Turbo incorporates 15 years of technological improvements.


Configuration Inline 6
Displacement 912 CU IN 14.9 L
Lube Oil Capacity 44 QT 41.6 L
Biodiesel Compatibility Up to B20
Engine Braking Horsepower Up to 600 HP @ 2100 RPM
Idle Speed 600-800 RPM
No Load Governed Speed 2130 RPM
Engine Weight (Dry) 2,964 LB 1,344 KG
Aftertreatment Weight* 173-211 LB 78-96 KG
Injection Pressure 32,000 PSI
*Depending on configuration

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level EPA 2017
Power 565 - 605 hp / 421 - 451 kW
Torque 1950 lb-ft / 2644 N•m


Engine Model Advertised HP (kW) @ RPM Peak Torque LB-FT (N•M) @ RPM
X15 605 605 (451) @ 1800 1950 (2644) @ 1150
X15 565 565 (421) @ 1800 1950 (2644) @ 1150



  • Cummins on Every™ Corner – Over 3,500 authorized locations across North America, to support parts and service needs.
  • One Source for Service – Your local distributor supports both Cummins engines and Cummins Onan® generators.
  • Connected Solutions™ – Combine with Cummins QuickServe® Online mobile, Cummins Fault Advisor and Connected Diagnostics,™ for even better support.
  • INSITE™ Mobile – Enables downloading of critical engine and operational data to mobile devices for fast, accurate diagnostics and reporting.
  • Easier Maintenance – New crankcase ventilation design requires no maintenance. A single oil-drain plug makes oil changes faster and easier.
  • Get the Latest – For more information on the Cummins X15 engine, visit cumminsengines.com/rv. To learn more about Cummins Onan generators, visit power.cummins.com/rv. For maintenance and parts information, visit quickserve.cummins.com


Maintenance Item Miles/Kilometers Hours Months
Oil and Filter 15,000 MI
24,000 KM
500 12
Fuel Filter 15,000 MI
24,000 KM
500 6
Overhead Adjustment 150,000 MI
240,000 KM
5,000 48
Consult your chassis and engine Owners Manuals for more information

Brochures Available

Title Bulletin Number Request View  
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2017 X15 For Recreational Vehicles Flyer 5410637 Request View  Download
QRG - Motorhome Maintenance And Operation - ISX15 And X15 Engines (550-605 hp) 5410810 Request View  Download