Hannover, Germany (September 24, 2008) - Cummins exhibits the brand new ISF engines for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. Ideal for light commercial installations including trucks, vans, pick up trucks and utility vehicles these engines use proven technologies from the dependable B Series platform which has a pedigree of over 4 million units sold to date.

The 4-cylinder ISF engines are available in two displacements, 2.8 and 3.8 litres. The ISF2.8 is available up to 163ps (120kW) with a rated speed of 3600rpm and peak torque of 360Nm (266lb-ft). The ISF3.8 is available up to 167ps (125kW) with a rated speed of 2600rpm and a peak torque of 600 Nm (443lb-ft). They will be assembled in a new world-class engine manufacturing facility in Beijing, China that is a joint venture between Cummins and Beiqi Foton.

Neil Pattison, Cummins European Automotive Business Leader said, “Cummins engineers have succeeded in developing products which offer key benefits to vehicle manufacturers. The ISF engines have been designed for low weight with a high power density to maximise light commercial vehicle payload and provide the best in class power-to-weight ratios. “

Major engine components such as the cylinder block and head have 20% less mass than traditional designs with no reduction in strength. This gives an extremely competitive engine weight (ISF3.8 at 300kg, ISF2.8 at 214kg) with no loss in durability. Life to overhaul is expected to be 500,000km.

Advanced thermal management increases engine reliability and lowers vehicle cooling requirements. A high top tank temperature capability with improved cooling flows facilitates higher operating temperatures, reducing the size and cost of the cooling package required.

Modular components for the cooling system, lube handling system, low pressure fuel system and overhead assembly allow for product flexibility across different emissions requirements, providing installation commonality for OEM customers.

The engines use a high pressure common rail fuel system providing excellent start-ability, very low emissions and smoke with superior fuel economy and low noise. Other low noise engine features include a rear gear train and composite oil pans and valve covers.

For applications above 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, the ISF engines achieve Euro 4 emissions using selective catalytic reduction. Cummins integrated system provides the highest levels of performance and fuel economy with the longest service intervals. For vehicles under 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, which have different duty cycles and certification requirements, the ISF2.8 will use cooled exhaust gas recirculation to meet Euro 4.

“The new product platform has been designed in support of Cummins “Right Technology Matters” strategy. The engines have high cylinder pressure and injection pressure capabilities to meet future emissions regulations. They are adaptable and will upgrade using the latest and future Cummins technology components; air handling, exhaust aftertreatment and fuel systems.” added Pattison.

About Cummins

Cummins Inc. is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines and related components. With over 34,000 employees, Cummins reported sales of $13 billion in 2007 with net income of $739 million. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, (USA) Cummins serves customers in more than 160 countries through its network of 550 company-owned and independent distributor facilities and more than 5,000 dealer locations. A substantial manufacturing presence in Europe includes the mid-range engine plant at Darlington UK and the high horsepower engine plant at Daventry, UK. To find your local Cummins distributor, use the service locator on everytime.cummins.com.