Cummins Workover Rig Packages
Every Installation. Easier.


Cummins provides the complete emissions-compliant power package for workover rigs.

The ISX12 and QSX15 Workover Rig packages have been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding well servicing customers.    The ISX12 Workover Rig Package brings you the full force of Cummins -- delivering a fully integrated EPA 2010 On Highway compliant Engine and SCR aftertreatment system. Add the designed-in Allison 4500 OFS transmission, and  the whole package can arrive ready to install in your rig.  With Clean Idle Certified ratings up to 425 HP / 1650 lb-ft of torque, this package is ready to pull the deepest pipe even in the cleanest environments.

The QSX15 Workover Rig Package delivers even more power -- up to 500 HP -- and offers the choice of either the Allison 4500 OFS or 4700 OFS transmissions. in a package compliant to Tier 4i emissions (with use of OEM TPEM Allowance). And this package offers package can be delivered with

Unlike many other workover package providers, these packages come with the standard Cummins factory warranty that is valid globally, everywhere Cummins-authorized service is available.

For more information, contact your Cummins Distributor. You can also view the Workover Rig brochure.