ISC8.3 for Motorhome (EPA 2010)


ISC8.3 for Motorhome (EPA 2010)
Every Advantage.

The Cummins ISC8.3 engine now runs with greater power, better fuel economy and near-zero emissions. How did we make so many enhancements and still meet stringent emissions regulations for 2010?

We've taken our fully integrated engine and exhaust system and added SCR as part of the aftertreatment.  Removing NOx in the exhaust system has allowed us to reduce the amount of exhaust gas being recirculated and recalibrate the ISC8.3 for better performance and better fuel economy.  This technology has been proven in over 300,000 European vehicles, so there's no question about its dependability and durability.

An XPI fuel system on the ISC8.3 delivers a precise quantity of fuel at ultra-high pressures.  This, together with more robust electronic controls, enables multiple injection events per cycle.  This provides more complete combustion, which reduces engine noise along with emissions.

One of the big reasons that everything works together so well is that every component is controlled by a single powerful Electronic Control Module (ECM).

And that’s just a few of all the features the ISC8.3 has to offer to help both your vehicles, and your business, run smoother.  These engines are designed to keep your maintenance to a minimum and your productivity in overdrive.

One-page Quick Reference Guide (Maintenance).

All backed by the best customer support in the business.

Plus, you get exclusive Cummins programs like Coach Care™ to meet your service needs as you travel across North America in your motorhome. All backed by the most extensive customer support network in North America.

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Advertised Horsepower  380 hp  283 kW 
Peak Torque  1050 lb-ft  1425 N•m 
Governed Speed  2200 rpm  
Clutch Engagement Torque  500 lb-ft  678 N•m  
Number of Cylinders 
Oil System Capacity  6.3 U.S. gallons  23.8 liters 
System Weight  1,895 lb  859 kg 
Engine (Dry)  1,695 lb  769 kg 
Aftertreatment System*  200 lb  90 kg 
*Increase over standard muffler and does not include chassis OEM-supplied components

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level EPA 2010
Power 350 - 380 hp / 261 - 283 kW
Torque 1000 - 1050 lb-ft / 1356 - 1424 N•m


Engine Model  Advertised Horsepower (kW)  Peak Torque lb-ft (N•m) @ rpm  Governed Speed 
ISC8.3 380  380 (283) 1050 (1424) @ 1400  2200 
ISC8.3 350  350 (261)  1000 (1356) @ 1400  2200 


XPI Fuel System - Delivers a precise quantity of fuel at ultra-high pressures.  This, together with more robust electronic engine controls, enables multiple injection events per cycle.

Heavy Duty Design - Rugged features include replaceable wet liners, roller followers, by-pass oil filtration and targeted piston cooling for longer service in the toughest work environments.

VGT™ Turbocharger - Enhanced response and control with electric actuation for infinite adjustment, providing exact boost at any rpm. Sliding-nozzle design increases reliability and durability.

Cooled EGR - Next-generation system lowers combustion temperatures for reduced emissions and optimized fuel economy.

Fully Integrated Electronic Controls - A single, higher-capacity Electronic Control Module (ECM) controls everything from air intake to exhaust aftertreatment for peak performance and near-zero emissions.

Cummins Aftertreatment System - The proven Cummins Particulate Filter reduces particulate matter by over 90%. In 2010 it is combined with Cummins Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet emission standards while maintaining best-in-class performance, reliability and durability.


Maintenance Item  Miles / Kilometers  Hours  Months 
Oil and Filter*  15,000 mi
24,000 km 



Primary Fuel Filter **  15,000 mi
24,000 km 



Secondary Fuel Filter  30,000 mi
48,000 km



Coolant Filter  None***  



Overhead Adjustment 

150,000 mi
241,500 km 



Standard Coolant Change****  60,000 mi
96,000 km 



Coalescing Filter  Every 3rd to 4th Oil Change Interval 
DEF Filter  200,000 mi (320,000 km)  6,500   
Particulate Filter  200,000 - 400,000 mi (320,000 - 640,000 km)   6,500  
*Assuming normal duty cycle
**OEM supplied, intervals may vary
***If engine is equipped with an optional coolant filter, it will need to be replaced on the same intervals as the oil filter.  Regardless if the engine is or is not equipped with a coolant filter, SCA/DCA additive levels must be checked according to the interval listed in the owner's manual.
****Extended coolant and drain/fill/flush intervals may be followed when certain requirements are met.  For more information on these requirements, refer to the Cummins Coolant Requirements and Maintenance Service Bulletin 3666132.

For complete maintenance information, please consult your Owner's Manual or Operations and Maintenance Manual.