ISL G for Urban Bus & Shuttle (EPA 2010)


ISL G for Urban Bus & Shuttle (EPA 2010)
Every Alternative:Cummins Westport ISL G

The 8.9-liter ISL G has met EPA 2010 emissions standards since 2007 using Stoichiometric cooled-Exhaust Gas Recirculation (SEGR) spark-ignited combustion to create a high-performance natural gas engine.  Torque at idle and fuel economy are improved versus lean-burn engines by 30% and 5%, respectively.

Cooled EGR, in combination with stoichiometric combustion (the theoretical or ideal combustion process in which fuel and oxygen are completely consumed), creates an oxygen-free exhaust, which allows for the use of Three-Way Catalyst (TWC) aftertreatment.  TWCs are effective, simple, passive devices that are packaged as a muffler and are maintenance-free.  The ISL G does not require active aftertreatment such as DPFs or SCR.

The Natural Alternative.
The ISL G is rugged and reliable because it shares many components and parts with Cummins L Series diesels and is built on the same assembly line as Cummins diesels.  A wastegated turbocharger with electronic control for precise air handling and full drive-by-wire throttle control provide impressive diesel-like performance.

A new ECM provides full monitoring and control of engine sensors, fuel system and ignition system.  The ECM provides full interface capability to Cummins INSITE™ and diagnostic service tools.  It also provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users with the ability to tailor performance of the engine to fit the vehicle mission.

Cummins PowerSpec is an electronic tool that makes it possible to tailor the operation of Cummins engines in every on-highway application.

Available for: On-Highway, Urban Bus & Shuttle, Natural Gas

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Product Finder Specifications

Natural Gas
Power 250 - 320 hp / 186 - 239 kW


Engine Model Advertised Horsepower (kW) Peak Torque lbft (nm) @ rpm Governed Speed
ISL G 320 320 (239) 1000 (1356) @ 1300 2200 rpm
ISL G 300 300 (224)  860 (1166) @ 1300 2200 rpm
ISL G 280 280 (209) 900 (1220) @ 1300 2200 rpm
ISL G 250 250 (186)  730 (990) @ 1300 2200 rpm


Maintenance Item Miles/Kilometers Hours Months
Oil and Filter 7,500 mi 12,000 km 500 6
Fuel Filter 15,000 mi 24,000 km 1,000 12
Coolant Filter 7,500 mi 12,000 km 500 6
Spark Plugs 22,500 mi 36,000 km 1,500 18
Coolant Change 30,000 mi 48,000 km 2,000 24
Valve Adjustment 30,000 mi 48,000 km 2,000 24

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