X15 for Marine


X15 for Marine
  • Engine platform proven in the harsh conditions of the heavy duty truck markets now available in the marine industry.
  • Designed for long life and continuous duty operation, with dry exhaust manifold to maximize fuel economy, cast aluminum oil pan to resist corrosion and the most sophisticated Engine Control Module available on Cummins marine engine providing advanced monitoring & diagnostic capability.
  • Ideal fit for high-hour hardworking inland waterways vessels, commercial fishing vessels and passenger transport
  • Clean emissions, virtually smoke-free operation creating minimal environmental impact and a pleasurable boating experience
  • Base engine built at Jamestown Engine Plant in Jamestown, NY, U.S.A. with marine upfit at Rocky Mount Engine Plant in Rocky Mount, NC, U.S.A. and Darlington Engine Plant in Darlington, U.K.


Configuration In-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Aspiration Turbocharged / Aftercooled
Displacement 14.9L (912 n³)
Bore & Stroke 137 x 169mm (5.39 x 6.65 in)
Rotation Counterclockwise facing flywheel
Fuel System Cummins XPI Fuel System

Product Dimensions and Weight

Overall Length mm (in) 1810.0 (71.20)
Length of Block mm (in) 1052.0 (41.40)
Overall Width mm (in) 1120.0 (44.10)
Overall Height mm (in) 1316.0 (51.80)
Overall Weight kg (lb) 1681 (3700)

Dimensions and weight may vary bsed on selected engine configuration

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level Tier 3 / Stage IIIA
Power 450 - 600 hp / 336 - 447 kW
Torque 336 - 425 lb-ft / 456 - 576 N•m


Commercial and Recreational Marine Propulsion Engines.

Variable Speed Ratings

Output Power Fuel Consumptions Emissions
Engine Model kW MHP BHP Engine Speed RPM Rating Definition Rated Speed L/HR (gal/hr) ISO* L/HR (gal/hr) IMO EPA EU
X15 336 456 450 1800 CON 87.2 (23.0) 60.7 (16.0) II 3 3a
X15 336 456 450 1800 CON 82.0 (21.7) 56.5 (14.9) II    
X15 373 507 500 1800 CON 95.9 (25.3) 66.7 (17.6) II 3 3a
X15 373 507 500 1800 CON 94 (24.0) 62.4 (16.5) II    
X15 429 583 575 1800 CON 113 (29.8) 77.2 (20.4) II 3 3a
X15 447 608 600 1800 CON 109.7 (29.0) 74.0 (19.5) II    

Fixed Speed Ratings


373 507 500 1500 (50Hz) PRIME 88.9 (23.5) 45.1 (11.9) II   3a


373 507 500 1800 (60Hz) PRIME 99.3 (26.2) 45.7 (12.1)   3 3a
X15 425 578 570 1800 (60Hz) PRIME 103.9 (13.9) 52.7 (13.9) II    


Engine Design – Robust engine block designed for continuous duty operation and long life. Single cylinder head with four valves per cylinder enhances performance. Base engine design has been in the market for over 15 years.

Fuel System – Cummins XPI Fuel System, High Pressure Common Rail.

Lubrication System – Cast Aluminum oil pan designed to resist corrosion, spin-on Fleetguard oil filters.

Cooling System – Front mount and low profile heat exchanger or keel cooler with one loop system and high flow pump.

Air Intake System – Cummins Turbo Technologies HX60 turbocharger optimized for marine applications.
Exhaust System – Dry exhaust manifold

Electrical System – 24v system with marine grade wiring harness and instrument panels.

Electronics – Cummins Engine Control Module CM2350 provides engine protection through de-rates and automated engine shutdown to prevent catastrophic failures. CM2350 also provides fuel sensor monitoring, gear pressure, and temperature as well as digital engine start/stop functionality. Available 24V system and standard marine grade wiring harness.

Certifications – Complies with U.S EPA Tier 3, EU Stage 3a and IMO II emissions regulations.

Optional Equipment
• C Command Connect available or open architecture
• Flywheeling housing: SAE0
• Vessel Systems Integration: ED-4 displays – rudder position, fuel level, ONAN Gen Set information
• Hydraulic Pump Drive: SAE B flanges
• Front PTO available

Brochures Available

Title Bulletin Number Request View  
2018 Marine Products Guide 3381946 Request View  Download
Marine Encompass Brochure 5410920 View  Download
Marine Warranty Overview Flyer 5410780 View  Download
X15 Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines for Commercial and Recreational Applications Spec Sheet 5544045 View  Download
X15 Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines for Commercial and Recreational Applications Spec Sheet – A4 5544046 View  Download

Technical Documents

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