B4.5 (Stage V)


B4.5 (Stage V)

The Stage V F3.8, B4.5, B6.7 and L9 engines designed to meet 2019 EU emissions Regulations offer over 10 percent more power and almost 20 percent more torque averaged across the range, with the simplicity of EGR free architecture and Single Module™ aftertreatment technology. The Cummins Single Module combines DPF, SCR and urea-dosing in one unit, providing up to a 50 percent reduction in envelope size and a 30 percent reduction in weight compared with Stage IV exhaust aftertreatment.


Power 120-200 hp.         Max. Torque 575 lb-ft

Engine Finder Specifications

Certification Level Stage V
Power 120 - 200 hp / 89 - 149 kW