B6.7 for Medium-Duty Truck (2017)


B6.7 for Medium-Duty Truck (2017)When you say the word "efficiency" to anyone in the trucking industry, the conversation immediately turns to fuel economy – for good reason. It’s one of the single most important factors in your total cost of operation. 

And that’s why Cummins is redefining a classic and introducing the newest-generation B Series engine from Cummins – the B6.7. The Cummins B6.7 for 2017 is more efficient, with up to 7 percent better fuel economy over the EPA 2013 ISB6.7, with the highest gains in key duty cycles running at lower speeds and in inner-city operations.


But that’s not all - Cummins is making other significant enhancements in everything from reliability to noise reduction to real-time diagnostic capability and performance.

One contributing factor to the fuel economy improvement is the fully integrated Single Module™ aftertreatment system, which incorporates a flowthrough design and optimized heat management. It also contributes to a significant space savings over the previous model.

Obviously, even though the B6.7 already commands the highest market penetration of any engine in its class, Cummins engineers don’t take anything for granted. Even with a legacy of over 12 million B series engines
sold over the last 32 years, we continue to keep improving a time-tested and proven reliable product. The B6.7 will have accumulated 1.5 million test miles in multiple real-world applications prior to its 2017 launch, ensuring exceptional uptime from the start. Plus, the 2017 B6.7 will be fully capable for the introduction of stop-start technology that will yield further improvements in fuel economy in stop-and-go duty cycles. That’s Cummins, redefining efficiency – not just for the B6.7, but for an entire industry.

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There are two distinctly different B6.7 versions from which to choose. Customers looking to maximize fuel economy with the lowest possible cost of operation should select one of our efficiency ratings from 200 hp to 260 hp (149-194 kW). B6.7 engines in this ratings family have a unique combustion formula that, together with improved airflow through the aftertreatment and modifications to the VGT® Turbo, add up to an additional 7 percent fuel economy improvement over the EPA 2013 ISB6.7.

Customers who need additional power and torque should opt for B6.7 performance ratings from 280 hp to 325 hp (209-242 kW). Those ratings feature their own unique turbocharger, piston design and aftertreatment system, for optimum performance. Peak torque ranges from 660 lb-ft to 750 lb-ft (895-1017 N•m), making it easy to deliver heavy loads on the steepest hills while still offering up to 5 percent better fuel economy in 2017.

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Advertised Horsepower 200-325 hp 149-242 kW
Peak Torque 520-750 lb-ft 705-1017 N•m
Governed Speed 2600 lb-ft  
Clutch Engagement Torque 400 lb-ft 542 n•m
Number of Cylinders 6  
Engine Weight (Dry) 1,150 lb 522 kg

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level EPA 2017
Power 200 - 325 hp / 149 - 242 kW
Torque 520 - 750 lb-ft / 705 - 1017 N•m


Engine Model Advertised hp (KW)

Peak Torque

325-280 HP Performance Ratings

B6.7 325
325 (242) 750 (1017) @ 1600
B6.7 300 300 (224) 660 (895) @ 1600
B6.7 280 280 (209) 660 (895) @ 1600
260-200 HP Efficiency Ratings
B6.7 260 260 (194) 660 (895) @ 1600
B6.7 250 250 (186) 660 (895) @ 1600
B6.7 240 240 (179) 560 (759) @ 1600
B6.7 220 220 (164) 600 (813) @ 1600
B6.7 220 220 (164) 520 (705) @ 1600
B6.7 200 200 (149) 520 (705) @ 1600




Cummins designs, develops and supports every component, from the air handling to the exhaust aftertreatment, to work as a totally integrated system – so we can optimize every function better than other engine manufacturers.
  • VGT Turbo from Cummins Turbo Technologies - This patented design is widely recognized as an industry performance leader. The refined design improves responsiveness in the B6.7 while an upgraded bearing system increases overall robustness. The VGT Turbo is a key element in providing increased fuel economy and exceptional braking horsepower
  • Connected Diagnostics™ - Wirelessly connect your engine to Cummins through a telematics device for immediate diagnosis of a fault alert. Within seconds, Connected Diagnostics provides a clear recommendation for continued operation or the need for service.
  • High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) Fuel System - Delivers superior performance even in lower engine rpm ranges. Enables multiple injection events per cycle, for improved fuel efficiency with quieter, smoother operation.
  • Air Handling System - A more robust Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler and valve enhance thermal efficiency and reliability.
  • Single Module Aftertreatment From Cummins Emission Solutions -
    Combines high-efficiency SCR, a more reliable dosing unit and a DPF into a single flow-through unit. It is up to 70 percent smaller, so it’s easier to install, and as much as 30 percent lighter than the aftertreatment units it replaces. Better heat management improves fuel efficiency and minimizes periodic maintenance.
  • Fuel Filters And Lube Filters From Cummins Filtration - Fleetguard® filters protect against corrosion and contaminants with innovative NanoNet® technology. NanoNet media provides 10 times better protection than conventional fuel filters for lower cost of operation.
  • Single High-Capacity Electronic Control Module (ECM) - Offers higher capacity for faster processing of more information, fully integrated control over the engine and aftertreatment system for optimized performance and improved engine lamp strategy.



Maintenance Item




Oil and Filter

20,000* mi

32,000* km



Fuel Filter

15,000 mi

24,000 km



Overhead Adjustment

150,000 mi

240,000 km



Standard Coolant Change

60,000 mi

96,000 km



Coalescing Filter

75,000 mi

120,000 km



DEF Filter

200,000 mi

320,000 km



Diesel Particulate Filter

200,000 mi

320,000 km



*With a 19 quart oil pan

Consult your Operation and Maintenance Manual for more information.

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