ISV5.0 for Motorhome


ISV5.0 for Motorhome

The Next Dimension Of Performance.

Cummins ISV5.0 goes beyond traditional diesel attributes of horsepower, torque, reliability and durability to deliver the next dimension of performance. Advanced materials, the latest High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system, Cummins VGT™ Turbocharger and fully integrated emissions control technology combine to produce an extraordinarily clean, quiet and fuel-efficient V8 diesel engine. Its compact size and reduced weight make the ISV5.0 ideal for Class 3 to Class 5 RVs.

The Cummins ISV5.0 offers significantly lower operating costs, getting 20 percent to 40 percent better fuel economy than gasoline V8 engines of comparable performance. This is a direct result of advanced materials technology such as a compacted graphite iron (CGI) block.

Maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum with NanoNet™ media in the fuel filter and advanced ceramic glow plugs designed to last the life of the engine.

A Cummins-designed and manufactured aftertreatment system is fully integrated, and includes On-Board Diagnostics that continuously monitor engine and aftertreatment performance to ensure near-zero emissions.

Customizing the performance of your engine is possible through the use of Cummins PowerSpec, an online tool that lets you adjust operating parameters to match your need for enhanced fuel economy, higher performance or a balance between the two. See for details.

All of this is backed by unmatched support from the largest service network in North America, including the exclusive Coach Care™ program and 24/7/365 assistance from Cummins Care representatives at 1-800-DIESELS™ (1-800-343-7357).

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Advertised Horsepower

200-275 hp

149-205 kW

Peak Torque

520-560 lb-ft

705-759 N•m

Bore and Stroke

94 mm x 90 mm

Number of Valves

4 per cylinder

Peak Injection Pressure

29,000 psi

2,000 bar

Governed Speed

3400 rpm

Number of Cylinders


Biodiesel Compatibility

Up to B20

System Weight (dry)

899 lb

408 kg

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level EPA 2013
Power 200 - 275 hp / 149 - 205 kW
Torque 520 - 560 lb-ft / 705 - 759 N•m


Engine Model

Advertised Horsepower (kW)

Peak Torque lb-ft (N•m) @ rpm

ISV5.0 275

275 (205)

560 (759) @ 1600

ISV5.0 250

250 (186)

560 (759) @ 1600

ISV5.0 220

220 (164)

520 (705) @ 1600

ISV5.0 200

200 (149)

520 (705) @ 1600


High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) Fuel System – High injection pressures with piezo fuel injectors produce precise fuel control, for optimized in-cylinder combustion delivering quick throttle response, quieter operation, better cold-weather starting and better fuel economy.

Dual Overhead Camshafts – Dual overhead camshafts deliver high-speed capability to improve engine performance. The design enables cost-effective hydraulic adjustment with no maintenance required.

Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) Block – Advanced materials technology provides a combination of high strength at reduced weight, for a higher power-to-weight ratio with exceptional performance and fuel economy.

VGT™ Turbocharger From Cummins Turbo Technologies – The VGT Turbocharger’s patented design is widely recognized as the industry leader for performance. Precision boost control across the speed range delivers performance and fuel economy.

Cummins Aftertreatment System From Cummins Emission Solutions – The proprietary system consists of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, for near-zero emissions.

Fleetguard®Fuel Filters and Lube Filters From Cummins Filtration – A two-stage fuel filter system features the latest NanoNet™ media from Cummins Filtration, ensuring that the HPCR fuel injection system is fully protected against fuel contamination. NanoNet’s unique construction provides lower fuel-flow restriction, and traps greater than 99 percent of all particles as small as 4 microns. The top-loading lube filter is designed for ease of maintenance.

Forged-Steel Crankshaft – The crankshaft is created from high-strength, durable micro-alloy forged steel, precision-ground for increased durability with smooth, quiet operation.

Advanced Glow Plugs – The advanced ceramic glow plug system significantly reduces startup time in cold conditions, and the low current draw reduces vehicle charging system requirements. Unlike traditional bimetal-style glow plugs that need maintenance, these ceramic glow plugs are designed to last the life of the engine.

Brochures Available

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