QSK95 for Power Generation


QSK95 for Power Generation

Meeting Critical Energy Needs.
The C3000 Series is ready to meet the increasing need for high-output gensets to provide critical power protection without interruption, required by facilities such as data centers, hospitals and utilities. In developing countries, the need to support gaps in the power grid infrastructure with larger diesel gensets is key to supporting economic growth. For mining, oil, gas and other projects in remote locations, the need for dependable microgrids generating cleaner, lower-cost power makes the C3000 Series genset an attractive option.

The C3000 Series genset seamlessly fits within Cummins large-power project expertise, with individual projects delivered and commissioned with almost 200-MW output. These major multi-genset sites are found throughout the world. Operating in challenging locations, at high altitude, in severe cold or extreme heat, they remain up and running with outstanding records of dependability.

The 16-cylinder QSK95 engine realizes a reduced installation footprint and cost advantage for the C3000 Series compared with other high-speed gensets needing 20 cylinders to achieve the same power output.

This packaging efficiency becomes even more pronounced when compared with gensets using much larger mediumspeed engines.

We take this integration advantage even further with our own exhaust aftertreatment solutions intended to replace the exhaust muffler to meet Tier 4 and other very low emissions standards.

The C3000 Series genset fully leverages Cummins “Power Of One” capability. All key systems, including engine, alternator and controls, are designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring the most efficient packaging and the highest level of system integration in the industry.

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB
Power 3000 - 5100 hp / 2237 - 3803 kW