QSK50 for Drilling


QSK50 for Drilling

Whether running mudpumps and draworks on mechanical installations or driving SCR sets for electric rigs, the Cummins QSK50 engines provide optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for drilling.

This rugged 4-cycle Cummins industrial diesel delivers reliable power, low emissions, and fast response to load changes.

The QSK50 high-pressure injection system and electronic controls ensure clean, powerful and efficient operation every time. The ECM continuously monitors data from strategically placed sensors within the engine, optimizing the fuel-to-air mixture for maximum combustion. Fuel is injected at pressures exceeding 25,000 psi. This results in better utilization of fuel with fewer emissions. Getting more energy out of every drop of diesel fuel also results in greater power.

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level Tier 2 / Stage II
Power 1400 - 1600 hp / 1044 - 1193 kW
Torque 1200 - 1800 lb-ft / 1627 - 2440 N•m


Model Advertised Power BHP (kW) Peak Torque lb-ft (Nm) Emissions Certification Level
QSK50 1480 (1104) @ 1200 rpm 1480 (1104) @ 1200 rpm Tier 2
QSK50 1350 (1007) @ 1300 rpm 6014 (8154) @ 1000 rpm Tier 2

G-Drive Ratings

Model Advertised Power BHP (kW) Hz Rating Emissions Certification Level
QSK50 1971 (1470) @ 1800 rpm 60 Tier 2
QSK50 1905 (1421) @ 1500 rpm 50 Tier 2

Non-certified ratings are also available. Please contact your distributor.

Brochures Available

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