QSK38 for Rail


QSK38 for RailThe new Tier 2/Stage IIIA QSK38 locomotive engine with Modular Common Rail Fuel System (MCRS) is one of the Quantum Series from Cummins with innovative technology that delivers more for less.

It gives:

• outstanding reliability and durability
• excellent fuel economy
• lower running costs
• longer engine life to overhaul
• US EPA Tier 2/EU Stage IIIA emissions

This is the latest evolution of the Cummins high horsepower 38 liter engine which now includes the Modular Common Rail Fuel System, FCD power cylinder and advanced engine monitoring. It has been designed using the experience of the K38 and its proven exceptional level of reliability.

The QSK38 with MCRS offers more power, more torque and higher durability – all while achieving lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and less servicing.

Life cycle costs are significantly reduced, and with highly advanced Quantum System technology, the engine sets unbeatable standards in rail diesel productivity for general purpose locomotives.

The QSK38 with MCRS is designed to provide the operator superior value and reliability, while meeting stringent worldwide emissions standards.

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Certification Level Tier 2 / Stage II

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