QSK50 for Mining


QSK50 for MiningDeveloped from the Cummins K2000E, the QSK50 builds upon its legendary robustness with an extended ratings range, improved power delivery and upgrades to meet U.S. EPA Tier 2 emissions levels with in-cylinder technology. Single-piece ferrous cast ductile iron pistons contribute to 10% longer life-to-overhaul compared to two-piece designs.

The QSK50 also features the advanced Cummins Modular Common Rail (MCR) fuel system that maintains constant fuel injection pressure at all engine speeds - realizing greater application flexibility and precision by controlling both injection rates and timing. Multiple injection events during each power stroke yield smoother, more consistent power at every rpm.

MCR technology helps to reduce noise emissions (the QSK50 is 80% quieter at idle than the K50) and engine vibration, resulting in a safer and more comfortable work environment for equipment operators and mine personnel.

Cummins analysis-led computer modeling has enabled Cummins to optimize the in-cylinder combustion system of the QSK50 which results in a reduction of NOx by 40% and particulate matter by 60%, achieving U.S. EPA Tier 2 emissions levels with minimal impact to fuel consumption.

Advanced engine monitoring,  an optional feature that lets you monitor equipment performance on the job in real time, and lubrication elements such as Prelub™ help to extend service intervals and achieve a lower cost per ton.

QSK50 customers also benefit from reduced maintenance and exceptional customer support.

Every QSK50 engine is covered by Cummins base warranty, one of the most comprehensive and simplest plans in the industry.


Engine Type 60° Vee, 16-Cylinder
Displacement 3066.4 cu in 50.25 liters
Bore and Stroke 6.25 in x 6.25 in 159 mm x 159 mm
Oil System Capacity 216 U.S. qt 204 liters
Coolant Capacity 170 U.S. qt 161 liters
Length 110 in 2794 mm
Width 56 in 1422 mm
Height 74 in 1880 mm
Wet Weight 14231 lb 6455 kg

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level Tier 2 / Stage II
Power 1400 - 2000 hp / 1044 - 1491 kW
Torque 4707 - 5805 lb-ft / 6382 - 7871 N•m


Engine Model Advertised hp (kW) @ rpm Peak Torque
lb-ft (N•m) @ rpm
QSK50-2000 2000 (1492) @ 1900 5805 (7871) @ 1500 Intermittent
QSK50-1500 1500 (1119) @ 1900 5042 (6836) @ 1300 Intermittent
QSK50-1400 1400 (1044) @ 1800 4707 (6382) @ 1300 Continuous

Additional ratings may be available. Check with your Cummins distributor or dealer.


  • Quantum System Electronics - High-speed Electronic Control Module (ECM) with a self-cooling mount is isolated from detrimental vibration loading. A field-proven, fully-sealed wiring harness with fail-safe connectors integrates the ECM with the engine sensors for optimized engine performance, monitoring and protection.  Quantum system technology is ideal for tough mining applications that demand continuous uptime carrying hundreds of tons capacity.
  • State-of-the-art Combustion Control System - Features enhanced electronics integrated with upgraded sensors and three powerful CM850 Electronic Control Modules for peak performance at every altitude and under every load condition.
  • High Pressure Modular Common Rail (MCR) Fuel System - Cummins high pressure fuel pump and modular common rail system provides full-authority electronic control of the fuel pump and injectors for precise control of both injection pressure and timing. Each injector includes its own integrated accumulator, which helps to eliminate pressure pulsation between injectors and improve stability.
  • Cummins Turbo Technologies Turbochargers - Feature titanium impellers and watercooled bearing housings for long-term reliability, while a high-capacity compressor provides higher airflows for maximum power and long life.
  • Ferrous Cast Ductile Iron Pistons - Provide increased strength and durability to handle increased cylinder pressures for longer life-to-overhaul.
  • Piston-Cooling Nozzles - Direct a cooling stream of oil beneath each piston crown and bowl rim for long life with increased reliability.
  • Wiring - Safely enclosed inside a foam-filled extruded aluminum channel that is completely sealed from the external environment to prevent chafing and corrosion damage.  DIN-style connections have a locking feature that protect against pin-fretting damage.
  • Prelub™ System - Distributes oil to rifles and friction surfaces and builds oil pressure before cranking can occur.  A pressure switch assures proper oil pressure in the main rifle to reduce the risk of starting the engine without oil in the sump or filters.  Prelub is a standard option on all mining engines due to proven success in extending engine life-to-rebuild.
  • Two-Stage Cummins Oil Filters - Combination full-flow and bypass filtration to effectively remove harmful sludge and up to three times as many contaminants to reduce engine wear.
  • Advanced Engine Monitoring - Allows you to monitor engine performance cylinder by cylinder on a real-time basis. Also provides trending charts to help you keep preventive maintenance to a minimum without risking engine damage.
  • Premium Fan Drive – Incorporates large matched and sealed bearings, improved oil seals, and an improved idler system.  The fan drives have fixed fan centers with tensioning provided by a manually adjusted and maintenance free idler.  The fan drive is available with or without an electronically controlled oil-actuated fan clutch.

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