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SmartEfficiency: High-Achieving and Cost-Lowering.

While we encourage children to complete their required readings, the spark-notes version of the SmartEfficiency initiative is a focused approach to improving uptime and reliability all while offering a broad spectrum of engine choices to meet every need. With the Cummins V5.0, B6.7, L9, or Cummins-Westport B6.7N and L9N, you can’t go wrong with your first pick when it comes to providing a highly reliable, clean emissions, engine source. All engines are built in either Columbus, Indiana or the Rocky Mount Engine Plant, are buy-America compliant, and meet or surpass the 2017 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards.

Consult the Teacher’s Assistant with Connected Diagnostics: School bus drivers have enough to pay attention to without being concerned about engine fault codes. In the rare event that one is triggered while the bus is in operation, it can be diagnosed immediately over the air, through the addition of Connected Diagnostics. Cummins Connected Diagnostics delivers real-time engine fault code analysis, with a probable diagnosis and a recommended action for school buses that are equipped with telematics.

The Valedictorian of Coverage:  Cummins engines feature the most comprehensive base warranty in the industry, and our extended coverage plans with up to 10 years of coverage is evidence of our complete confidence in their robust design and quality manufacturing.

Class-Leading Support: Cummins-powered buses are backed by the largest and most capable parts and service network in North America, with over 3,500 locations. Our authorized service technicians are fully trained on all of our engines and have the necessary equipment and Genuine Cummins Parts to promptly handle any type of service issue. The advantages of Connected Diagnostics add peace of mind for school bus fleets. Call 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467) for information and service locations.

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