RoadRelay 5 for Recreational Vehicles

RoadRelay 5 lets you travel to destinations with confidence, knowing exactly what is going on inside your engine and vehicle subsystems - from the driver's seat of your motorhome.

RoadRelay 5's information display shows engine, vehicle, and trip information, including everything from your miles per gallon to your average speed. It's connected through your vehicle's data link to your engine's Electronic Control Modules (ECMs), so you can monitor engine RPM, fuel economy, coolant temperature, transmission fluid temperature*, transmission gear position*, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) information, and more - as you drive. You can use it to improve your own driving performance and even compare your driving performance to other drivers.

Reminding You When Service is Due
You won't need to keep a service log when you have RoadRelay 5 on board. You simply configure RoadRelay 5 to remember how often you want to change your oil, filters, tires, or other service items, and RoadRelay 5 automatically reminds you when service is due. You can enter as many as four different maintenance reminder prompts. RoadRelay 5 can also be used to log your motorhome's service history - which can be very valuable information to have at trade-in time.

Checking Your Gear
When you're traveling through the mountains or towing a heavy vehicle, you want to make sure you don't overstress your drivetrain. That's why RoadRelay 5 displays both the selected gear and the actual gear your vehicle is running in, as well as your transmission fluid temperature*. You stay cool, calm, and collected because you're in control.

Keeping You on Schedule
RoadRelay 5 helps make driving worry-free. If you do encounter a problem on the road - even a temporary one - RoadRelay 5 will promptly display the fault code and description which tells you what the problem is and what you need to do about it. RoadRelay 5 automatically stores this information so that any qualified technician can quickly make the needed repair and get you back on the road, saving you valuable time and money.

Protection from Theft
No password, no engine start. It's that simple when you activate the anti-theft feature on RoadRelay 5, so you will always find your motorhome right where you left it.

High Visibility
RoadRelay 5 has a back-lit graphical Liquid Crystal Display that's easy to read and automatically dims itself when the vehicle headlights are turned on for night driving. There's a brightness control you can adjust, and the six intuitive keys are back-lit for easy viewing, day or night.

Factory Installment Options
RoadRelay 5 can be factory installed in your new RV by many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Just ask your RV dealer before making a purchase.

For more details about RoadRelay 5 or any Cummins information product, see your local Cummins distributor, e-mail, or call 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467).

*This feature is available on most, but not all, electronically-controlled transmissions.