RoadRelay 5 for Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks

It started out as a simple idea: give drivers a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help them drive their trucks better. And it's worked. RoadRelay has helped improve the productivity of thousands of fleets and owner/operators, becoming the most popular driver information system in the trucking industry.

Better Drivers Mean Better Profits
Want to increase MPG, reduce idle time, and improve delivery performance to your customers?

RoadRelay 5 gives drivers the means to accomplish all this, and more. They get the feedback they need - on the road, while they are driving - to improve their driving habits and save you money.

Expanded Trip Information
RoadRelay 5 displays and records the information you need, like fuel, miles, and engine hours spent in idle, PTO, and other operating modes. Plus, it allows you to analyze specific, user-definable routes (e.g., from your loading dock to a customer location) with the Route Recorder feature.

Improved Safety Measures
RoadRelay 5 protects you by recording the number of panic stops, as well as seventy-five seconds of detailed vehicle data - RPM, MPH, and brake and clutch activity for the last three panic stop events. With the Real-Time Clock, you'll know exactly when the events occurred.

Better Vehicle Protection
RoadRelay 5 monitors your power train and all the connected subsystems. If an unexpected event happens, RoadRelay 5 will inform the driver and tell how to minimize potential damage. It also tracks customizable service intervals for oil changes, filter changes, and tire rotations, notifying the driver when it's time for a shop visit.

High Visibility
RoadRelay 5 has a back-lit graphical Liquid Crystal Display that's easy to read and automatically dims itself when the vehicle headlights are turned on for night driving. There's a brightness control you can adjust, and the six intuitive keys are back-lit for easy viewing, day or night.

Protection from Theft
No password, no engine start. It's that simple when you activate the anti-theft feature on RoadRelay 5, so you will always find your truck right where you left it.

Lowering Labor Costs
You don't need a technician or a complicated service tool to get information out of RoadRelay 5. PowerSpec software makes data easy to access and read. Anyone can download the information they need.

You can download data quickly and easily at your fuel island or service bay. Combine RoadRelay 5 with PowerSpec's Exception Reporting and you can isolate problems fast - without a mountain of paper to go through. You can even have your favorite reports generated automatically when you need them. That way, you'll know which drivers are having trouble reaching MPG goals or who is idling more than the company average - in a matter of minutes.

RoadRelay 5 Fits All
You can use RoadRelay 5 for your entire truck fleet, regardless of the make or age of your electronic engines. So even with a mixed fleet, you can still compare performance and improve productivity using RoadRelay 5 and the PowerSpec software.

RoadRelay 5 can be factory installed in your new truck by many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Just ask your truck dealer before making a purchase.

For more details about RoadRelay 5 or any Cummins information product, see your local Cummins distributor, e-mail or call 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467).