RoadRelay Features

RoadRelay 5 has upgrades in every feature, from easier connectivity with a built-in INLINE™ adapter to a brighter, clearer display, a simplified navigational interface and a one-step driver ID/anti-theft procedure.

  • Supports SAE J1939 and J1708/J1587 data links
  • Controlled by advanced 240 MHz 32-bit Freescale ColdFire processor for maximum speed and performance
  • Displays engine operating parameters
  • Self-test diagnostic routine checks that the unit is operating properly
  • Displays and stores active and inactive faults
  • Displays and stores vehicle trip data
  • Stored information can be downloaded to PC for PowerSpec application
  • Manually calculates mileage for state fuel taxes
  • Events are date and time stamped using internal Real Time Clock
  • Provides anti-theft protection for the vehicle
  • Provides feedback to maximize driver productivity
  • Supports English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • Supports English and Metric units
  • Backlit 192 by 64-pixel monochrome Liquid Crystal Display
  • Internal Flash memory allows software upgrades
  • Can be mounted in, on, or under the dashboard
  • RoadRelay 5 is certified to meet European e-Mark requirements
  • RoadRelay 5 meets rigorous Cummins in-cab environmental test requirements
  • Includes virtual INLINE USB port accessible via mini connector on the front for service tool access to ECM
  • DCE RS-232 Serial Port on back provides virtual INLINE service tool serial interface
  • DTE RS-232 Serial Port on back provides Open Interface
  • USB Host port on back supports add-on keyboard
  • Rechargeable Backup battery ensures that important data and time are retained with power disconnected
  • Intuitive 6-button keypad and icon-based menu provide easy navigation
RoadRelay 5 product kit (P/N 4918993) includes:
  • RoadRelay 5 (P/N 4918995)
  • Dash Mounting bracket assembly (P/N 4919001)
  • J1939 extension cable (P/N 4918997)
  • Power cable (4919657)
  • Electrical installation kit (P/N 4918999)
  • Hardware installation kit (P/N 4919000)
  • User's guide (P/N 4971215)
  • Anti-theft reference card (P/N 4971333)
  • User's reference card (P/N 4971332)
  • Installation guide (P/N 4971214)
  • RoadRelay 5 Menu Icons

RoadRelay 5 Menu Icons

Data Pages Data pages icon - used to access the manual mode (steering wheel), road and route submenus
Steering Wheel 

Manual Mode (steering wheel) Submenu icon includes:

  • Driving Display
  • Idle Display
  • PTO Display
  • Leg Summary
  • Operating Hours
  • Fuel Purchase
  • Review Purchases
  • Mark Location
  • Go to Location
Road Road submenu icon - trip information

Route Submenu Icon - record route and review routes


Vehicle Menu icon - used to access the Wrench, Monitor, and Envelope Submenus


Wrench submenu - fault codes, PM schedules, service history, parts information, self-test

Monitor Monitor submenu icon - vehicle monitor
Envelope Envelope submenu icon - driver messages
Configuration and Settings

Configuration & Settings Menu icon - used to access the lock, configuration, and driver submenus


Lock Submenu icon - used to access lock/unlock engine, security mode and change password


Configuration Submenu - used to access:

  • Time
  • Time Format
  • Date
  • Alarm Enable
  • Units
  • Volume Units
  • Economy Units
  • ETA Speed
  • ETA Setup
  • Driver ID
  • Route Enable
  • Transmission Type
  • Shift Reminder
  • Vehicle Over Speed
  • Engine Over Speed
  • PM Configuration
  • Adjust Fuel Rate
  • Vehicle Setup
  • VM Configuration
  • Serial Port Config
  • Volume
  • Software Version

Driver Submenu icon - for driver ID and preferred language


RoadRelay 5 Sample Screens

Aftertreatment Pop-up - This screen shows the status of the Aftertreatment system

Vehicle Monitor Summary - Displays real-time engine and transmission data reflecting the operating status of the vehicle

Vehicle Monitor Fault Table - Displays information on faults in the vehicle, including a description, count, and active/inactive status