RoadRelay - Engine Data On Display Right From Your Dashboard

Are you a fleet manager or owner/operator for a diesel-powered Class 6, 7 or 8 commercial truck, bus, or recreational vehicle? Do you want to increase your productivity, reduce fuel costs, and protect your investment?

You need a RoadRelay 5 dashboard-mounted display to read your engine parameters and trip data broadcast over the public SAE J1587 or J1939 data links, whether that data is from an electronically-controlled Cummins diesel engine or that of any other manufacturer. The RoadRelay 5 product reads information from electronic diesel engines in applications ranging from medium and heavy-duty trucks to motor homes and buses.

Cummins is the innovator and market leader in on-vehicle digital display units for diesel engines.

Over 100,000 RoadRelay units have been sold, making this product line the world's best-selling on-board computers for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The latest and most advanced product, RoadRelay 5, provides more powerful vehicle monitoring capabilities, such as expanded trip information, better vehicle protection, and more accurate fuel economy tracking.

Each Cummins RoadRelay 5 kit contains a custom display unit, wiring harnesses, and mounting hardware. Connect all the harness connectors, mount the display unit, and you are ready to capture all the engine and trip information you will need to save fuel, protect your vehicle, and improve driving performance!

Order the Cummins RoadRelay 5 from your new vehicle OEM or North American Cummins distributor. Locate your closest distributor using our distributor map.

RoadRelay 4 or 5 can be used with Cummins PowerSpecPowerSpec is a free downloadable PC application designed to empower customers to do the following operations with a Cummins engine. PowerSpec can read RoadRelay data, modify the feature settings and update the RoadRelay with the latest software.