RoadRelay - Engine Data On Display Right From Your Dashboard

RoadRelay is a discontinued product from Cummins.

RoadRelay provided operators with the following information and features:

    • Engine operating parameters
    • Trip data
    • Driver coaching
    • Anti-theft protection

For customers looking for similar features on today's trucks, please work with the OEM of your choice and ask about their telematics and display information. Most OEM integrated displays provide public J1939 data, but for more in-depth Cummins information, please consult with the your Cummins sales and service representative or OEM Dealer of your choice to ensure you receive Cummins Connected Diagnostics.

For questions regarding your RoadRelay devices, please consult the RoadRelay Manuals page, as well as the FAQ page.

For customers currently using RoadRelay 4 or 5, features can be trimmed and set using PowerSpec. PowerSpec is a free downloadable PC application designed to empower customers to do the following operations with a Cummins engine. PowerSpec can read RoadRelay data, modify the feature settings and update the RoadRelay with the latest software.