R2.8 Repower – Frequently Answered Questions

What is the R2.8?

The R2.8 Turbo Diesel is the first factory-built diesel crate engine on the market. Cummins Repower uses proven parent engine families and tailors them specifically for the light duty enthusiast aftermarket. The 2.8 liter 4-cylinder engine is currently used in small pickups, chassis cabs, SUV’s, Vans, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment around the world in some of the harshest environments. The proven platform is a lightweight (~500 lbs.), electronically controlled, high pressure common rail compact package ideal for most small pickup and SUV applications for qualifying vintages.What is included with the engine?

The R2.8 Turbo Diesel crate engine package is the most complete factory-built option on the market today. The engine comes fully dressed (with mega bracket capable of accepting optional AC Compressor) and the wiring harness for both the engine bay and interior side are as plug as play as they come.

PN 5467046 includes:

  • R2.8 Turbo Diesel engine assembly
  • Complete front-end accessory drive (Alternator, Power Steering Pump, Fan Hub, Serpentine Belt) 
  • Cam-Driven Vacuum Pump
  • Remote Fuel Filter/Water Separator
  • Remote Oil Filter
  • Mass Airflow Sensor and Housing
  • Engine Wiring Harness and Engine Control Module
  • Starter
  • Flywheel
  • Universal Vehicle Wiring Harness (not including starter wiring)
  • Throttle Pedal
  • J1939 CAN Dash Display
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Installation Guide
  • Cummins Quick Serve Online Access
  • Emissions Testing Information

Is it possible to put A/C on this engine?

Yes, there are mounting bosses on the lower passenger side of the engine for the following Cummins components, which are available through a Cummins authorized dealer or distributor separately. The manifold fittings for custom AC lines are available in the aftermarket. (Discussed in installation guide) so check with your A/C service center that they can source fittings prior to assembly.

Part numbers for A/C include:

  • Compressor - 5295582
  • Belt - 5254354
  • Tensioner - 5262500

How do I know if this swap is legal in my state?

The Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel (PN 5467036) has demonstrated through the testing procedures prescribed in 40 CFR Part 86 to meet EPA’s Tier 0 (LDT 1 and 2) and Tier 1 emissions standards (LDT 2 weighing less than 4000 lb. complete weight). This means that the R2.8 generally is suitable for Model Year 1999 or earlier light duty trucks. However, the suitability of the R2.8 engine to any vehicle is the responsibility of the installer and may depend on state or area laws. Installation of this part in a vehicle for which it is not intended may violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations related to motor vehicle emissions. Check your state and local emissions requirements before purchasing.

Due to state / provincial law restrictions, these engines are not currently available for purchase in the state of Texas or the province of Quebec.

What if I don’t live in California and I want to put one of these engines in a brand new Jeep Wrangler?

Even for non-CARB states, the general rule of the Federal Clean Air Act says that a modification to any emissions control device needs to be as clean or cleaner than the part which is being replaced. It is the consumer’s responsibility to follow the letter of the law, despite the presence of vehicle emissions testing in your region. Cummins will dissuade such behavior by refusing to service illegal installations and the vehicle owner or builder is liable for any potential legal/compliance fallout associated with improper use of the certified products.

What’s the warranty period?

The current warranty period for engines sold through the retail channel is 90-day – parts-only (and includes 1-hour of investigation at a Cummins distributor).

Why is your warranty period only 90 days?

The parent product family where an installation quality audit has been completed currently has a 3 year warranty period where Cummins so our 90 day warranty is not reflective of our product’s quality Cummins has no control over the quality of the installation by the consumer. Choosing inadequate motor mounts, cooling package, driveline adapters etc. can all impact an engine’s performance and longevity. Not following the installation guide’s instructions for fuel supply and return restriction, exhaust mounting, and more could cause damage that would not be warrantable.

I had a part fail out of the box or within the 90 day parts warranty window. How do I get warranty?

The first thing to do as soon as you have any issue is to call 1-800 Cummins and tell them that you have an R2.8 Turbo Diesel Crate engine, give them your ESN, and they will give you instructions on next steps.

If you are near a Cummins location, you can also take the failed component, ESN, owner information, date of purchase and receipt to your local distributor parts counter and request 'parts warranty.'

If you have a component fail outside of warranty, please contact 1-800 Cummins to report the issue and to ensure there is no recall on the part.

Where can I buy parts for my engine?

The Cummins distributor network offers genuine parts to support each engine in the Repower family. You can find the nearest parts dealer by using parts.cummins.com and create a picklist using your engine serial number.

This sets Cummins Repower engines apart from the illegally imported junkyard engines where the service parts also need to be imported as well.

Where can I get my engine serviced?

Any authorized Cummins distributor has the capability to service Cummins Repower engines using the same tools and resources that are used to service all other commercial Cummins products.

This sets Cummins Repower engines apart from the illegal junkyard engines conversions where there is no OEM support model in place.

What is the installation guide and where can I find it?

The installation guide discusses general aspects of the installation into a suitable vehicle, ancillary system considerations, and also specifications and dimensions for the majority of components. For additional questions you can reference the publicly available installation guide.

What partners is Cummins working with for things like adapters, charge air coolers, and engine mounts?

Cummins utilizes the vast Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) network in order to provide relevant information to third parties who plan to bring ancillary product to market. Tools such as the SEMA Garage and Tech Transfer program are being used be the prime path to sharing approved information to qualified suppliers.

Look for a quality SEMA member in the aftermarket who have experience with the R2.8 Turbo Diesel or search social media for “#cumminsrepower” to see what customers are using.

What kind of transmissions can I use with the R2.8?

The current R2.8 PN 5467046 is designed to use a manual transmission. The J1979/1939 CAN data link is broadcasting engine speed and throttle position messages that allow aftermarket automatic transmission controls to be integrated.

The aftermarket currently offers the following adapters: GM manual GM automatic Jeep AX15/NV3500 Jeep NAG1 FCA/ZF 8HP70 8-speed Land Rover (various) Toyota (various)

I’ve read online that the R2.8 has quality issues.

The R2.8 is based on a proven global platform that has powered many applications around the world for nearly a decade. Like any other engine manufactured by Cummins, it has gone through stringent real-world and test cell testing and is continually being improved if we identify a quality issue to ensure that the engine lives up to the Cummins brand promise of dependability. Test vehicles equipped with R2.8 have racked up thousands of trouble free miles in the most extreme duty cycles in vehicles ranging from otherwise stock to 38” tires at all altitudes and in all temperatures.

Some websites online who make a business of pedaling used and illegal junkyard imported engines for swaps have made false claims against our products in order to protect their business model but our product and customer support speak for itself.

The facts are that when you buy an illegally imported junkyard engine, you know nothing about the engine’s actual history, the real mileage, how long it has set in the elements or in a shipping container on the water. The engine never had an EPA rating to begin with and if the seller is offering any warranty at all, it’s likely just to get more junkyard parts that need to be imported as well since the product was never for sale in the US.

I want to do a diesel swap but there are others selling junkyard harvested engines online that I am also considering. Why should I consider the R2.8 Turbo Diesel?

In addition to the clear benefit of the product being new and factory built versus something that has sat in a wrecked vehicle in a junkyard out in the elements, buying a Cummins Repower crate engine gives you the peace of mind that a company like Cummins is actively standing behind your product. Cummins tests, tunes, validates every offering and even after the purchase offers updates and improvements to calibrations as they become available. We have an active customer service and support model as well as genuine parts availability which is unmatched by any junkyard.

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