Cummins Repower Builders Program

The R2.8 Turbo Diesel is the first factory-built modern diesel crate engine on the market tuned for on-highway use. Until now, the only option for a builder to satisfy their customers’ demand for a diesel powertrain was to source and refurbish used engines and then find all of the other necessary parts to make it run. The various engines people use now are either imported and not designed for use in on-highway vehicles or they are designed for heavier weight class commercial vehicles and illegal for use in light-duty applications.

With the launch of the Cummins Repower Builder channel, we’ve created an easy way for businesses to interface create new opportunities by working with Cummins in order to procure brand new diesel crate engines in a matter of days through an online portal. No more scouring the web or the salvage yard when your customer wants a diesel option. Simply log in to your private Builder portal and grow your business by placing your order!

As an official Cummins Repower Builder, you’ll get:

• Exclusive Discounted Wholesale Pricing

• Sales Tax Exemption

• Access to Builder-Only Technical Information 

To qualify, you must:

• Be a Qualified Vehicle Builder or Engine Installer (engines not for resale as a loose engine)

• Have Tax Exempt Status

• Be Insured for at Least $500,000 Liability

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