Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel Rocky Mountain Media Drive

Trip Objective:

Cummins commissioned two builds of popular SUVs with two reputable builders chosen from our BETA R2.8 customer list. Both companies joining us on our media drive have also joined the newly launched Builder Program established for companies who wish to order engines directly from Cummins.

The main objectives of these builds were to better understand how the current R2.8 Turbo Diesel performs in heavier weight vehicles and experience the aftermarket's integration of automatic transmissions. We have taken a hands-off approach on these builds so that we can also observe how the aftermarket integrates our engine into these platforms, and better understand what improvements are needed, if any, in our engine calibration or installation guide materials. These vehicles have never been driven by the team at Cummins so as they sit, they represent a true aftermarket install from a builder.

Cummins will be taking possession of the vehicles from their respective builders, meeting in Durango, and then making their way up to Denver via Telluride and Silverthorne. Data will be logged on the vehicles at high altitudes in cold winter climates during a combination of highway and light trail riding. Subjective evaluations will also be made regarding drivability, as these vehicles are radically different than the lighter weight, manual transmission, short wheelbase Jeeps we have demonstrated in the past.

Following the Rocky Mountain driving demonstrations, the team from Cummins will continue east from Denver, driving the two SUVs back to headquarters in Columbus, Indiana, for a total of nearly 2,000 miles per freshly built vehicle. If you see us along the way, flag us down!

The Builders:

Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers

In business since 1995, Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers is a Land Cruiser restoration and custom modification shop located in western Colorado. They complete anything from minor to full frame up restorations, outfit vehicles for overland expeditions (vehicles they have built have explored all 7 continents), or customize their customer's Land Cruiser into one of the most eye catching, best performing, rock crawlers on the trail.

Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80

Built by Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers
Engine: Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel
Transmission: GM 6L90e Automatic
Transfer Case: Stock
Axle Ratio: 4.10

Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79 (BETA VEHICLE)
Built by
Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers
Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel
H55F 5-Speed Manual
Transfer Case:
Land Cruiser / Part Time 4wd

Heritage Driven

Heritage Driven specializes in reconstruction, restoration, and modification of vintage Land Rovers and other classic vehicles - built to customer specifications using modern components and engineering while maintaining that classic style. Heritage Driven provides a unique vehicle reborn for the 21st century adventurer and enthusiast. Based in central New Mexico but importing vehicles worldwide, they offer a no-compromise solution for those looking for a classic Land Rover 110, RR Classic, and many more.

1999 Land Rover Disco 1

Built by Heritage Driven/Tactical Applications Vehicles
Engine: Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel
Transmission: GM 6L80e Automatic
Transfer Case: LT230 1.22:1
Axle Ratio: 3.54
Tires: 32"

1985 Toyota Xtracab Pickup
Built by Heritage Driven/TAV
Engine: Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel
Transmission: W56 5-Speed Manual
Transfer Case: Marlin Crawler
Axle Ratio: 4.10:1
Tires: 35" Goodyear MT/R


The Route:

February 8:
Proffitt Cruisers depart Grand Junction, CO for Durango, Colorado
Heritage Driven rigs depart Albuquerque, NM for Durango, Colorado

February 9:
Convoy departs for Silverthorne, CO via Telluride and Gunnison hitting as much of the Colorado Back Country Discovery route as possible.

February 10:
Convoy departs for Denver and SUVs continue on to Junction City, KS.

February 11:
Convoy departs for Columbus, Indiana


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The Team:


Steve Sanders – Program Leader, Cummins Repower™
Brittany Borella – Technical Leader, Cummins Repower™
Aaron Huesman – Vehicle Integration Engineer, Cummins Inc


Jeremiah Proffitt – Owner, Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers
Chandra Proffitt – Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers
Marc Terrain – Heritage Driven - Owner


Bryon Bass – Senior Editor, Overland International (Overland Journal/Expedition Portal)
Stephen William Hoare - Creative Design Director, Alloy + Grit


Joe Sanders – Joseph Sanders Photography