QuickCheck Compatibility

QC5100 and QC5200
The QC5100 and QC5200 handheld computers are designed to be compatible with the SAE J1708/J1587 and the J1939 (250 kbps speed) data links used in diesel-powered and natural gas vehicle applications. 

The QC5600 handheld computer has the same compatibility as the QC5100\QC5200 with the additional capability of working at the SAE J1939, 500 kbps data link speed.


QuickCheck Software  

QuickCheck CE
The QuickCheck CE software application is compatible with public data broadcast on the SAE J1708/J1587 and J1939 data links.  QuickCheck CE is compatible with any electronically controlled diesel or natural gas engine that support at least one of these SAE data link protocols.

PowerSpec CE
The PowerSpec CE software application is compatible with the Cummins engine families listed in the table below.  Since PowerSpec CE functionality varies depending on your Cummins engine, please contact your local Cummins dealer/distributorship for assistance in identifying your exact engine family.

PowerSpec CE (v1.5.2.15) Engine Support Matrix

Engine FamilyRead/Reset Trip InformationRead Fault Codes/Reset Inactive CodesRead Feature SettingsDirect Engine Edit (Available in North America Only)
C Gas Plus/B Gas PlusNoYesYesNo
Celect PlusYesYesYesNo
ISB - CM2150YesYesYesYes
ISB4.5 CM2350 B104YesYesYesNo
ISB4.5/6.7 CM2150 SNYesYesYesNo
ISB5.9 G CM2180YesYesYesNo
ISB6.7 - CM2250YesYesYesYes
ISB6.7 CM2350 B101YesYesYesYes
ISB6.7 CM2350 B103YesYesYesNo
ISBe4 (4 and 6 cylinder)YesYesYesNo
ISC - CM2150YesYesYesYes
ISC - CM554YesYesYesYes
ISC - Transit Bus - CM850YesYesYesYes
ISC8.3 - CM2250YesYesYesYes
ISC8.3 G CM2180YesYesYesNo
ISD4.5/6.7 CM2150 SNYesYesYesNo
ISDe - CM2150YesYesYesNo
ISF2.8/3.8 CM2220YesYesYesNo
ISL - CM2150YesYesYesYes
ISL - CM554YesYesYes
ISL G - CM2180YesYesYesYes
ISL8.3 /Transit Bus - CM850YesYesYesYes
ISL8.9 - CM850YesYesYesYes
ISL8.9 CM2150 SNYesYesYesYes
ISL9 - CM2250YesYesYesYes
ISL9 CM2350 L101/L108/L109YesYesYesYes
ISLe - CM2150YesYesYesNo
ISLe4 (6 cylinder)YesYesYesNo
ISM - CM570YesYesYesYes
ISM - CM870YesYesYesYes
ISM - CM875YesYesYesYes
ISM - CM876YesYesYesYes
ISM11 CM876 SNYesYesYesNo
ISX - CM570YesYesYesYes
ISX - CM870YesYesYesYes
ISX - CM871YesYesYesYes
ISX12 CM2350 X102/X103/X108YesYesYesYes
ISX12 G CM2180 EJYesYesYesYes
ISX12/11.9/15 CM2250YesYesYesYes
ISX15 CM2350 X101/X104/X109YesYesYesYes
L Gas PlusNoYesYesNo
Signature - CM870YesYesYesYes

For help with QuickCheck, call 1-800-CUMMINS and select option 2.