Quantum System Electronic Product Line

The Quantum Series product line was introduced in 2005 to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent Tier 2 emission standard. Today the product line is certified to EPA Tier 2, IMO Tier II and EU Stage IIIa standards and will serve as the platform for future more stringent standards.

QSK19/38/50/60 engines utilize Cummins’ exclusive Modular Common Rail fuel system (MCRS), a design that allows for multiple injection events to precisely control the combustion process. QSK engines use advanced in-cylinder combustion technology to meet global emissions requirements without increasing displacement or making significant changes to the engine footprint, mounting orientation, ratings and optional equipment from the KV engines, reducing impact to installation.

Proven Quantum System electronics and enhanced engine protection ensure that the engines operate at peak performance. C Command instrument panels include a selection of monitoring and display options that help optimize performance by providing diagnostic and prognostic capabilities and monitoring critical operating parameters such as engine load, duty cycle, speed and fuel consumption.

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Model Ratings
QSB7 Auxiliary98-210 kW (132-282 hp)
QSM11 Auxiliary265-317 kW (355-425 hp)
QSK19 Commercial Propulsion373-597 kW (500-800 hp)
QSK19 Auxiliary433-563 kW (580-755 hp)
QSK38 Commercial Propulsion895-1044 kW (1200-1400 hp)
QSK38 Auxiliary964-1044 kW (1320-1400 hp)
QSK50 Commercial Propulsion1193-1342 kW (1600-1800 hp)
QSK50 Auxiliary1216-1343 kW (1630-1800 hp)
QSK60 Commercial Propulsion1491-2013 kW (2000-2700 hp)
QSK60 Auxiliary1563-1900 kW (2095-2547 hp)