QST30 for Rail


QST30 for Rail

The new QST30 engine is one of the Quantum Series from Cummins with innovative technology that delivers more for less.

It gives:

  • outstanding reliability and durability
  • lower weight
  • compact size
  • improved emissions capabilities

This high standard Quantum engine offers more power, more torque and higher durability – all while achieving lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and less servicing.

Life cycle costs are significantly reduced, and with a highly advanced CELECTTM electronic management system, the engine sets unbeatable standards in rail diesel productivity for shunting and trip / branch line locomotives.

The QST30 is designed to provide the operator superior value and reliability, while meeting stringent worldwide emissions standards.

Product Finder Specifications

Certification Level Tier 2 / Stage II
Power 1050 - 1200 hp / 783 - 895 kW
Torque 1800 - 2100 lb-ft / 2440 - 2847 N•m


Application Available Ratings
bhp (kW) @ rpm
Locomotive/Track Machinery 1200 (895) @ 1800-2100 Tier 2 / Stage IIIA
Locomotive/Track Machinery 1050 (783) @ 1800-2100 Tier 2 / Stage IIIA
Rail Auxiliary Power Up to 1000 kVA – 50Hz Tier 2
Rail Auxiliary Power Up to 910 kWe – 60 Hz Tier 2

Other ratings may be available. Please contact Cummins for more information


Full Authority Fuel Injection: High injection pressures results in increased response and improved fuel economy and transient response.

Quantum System: Programmable features optimize engine performance to specific duty cycles and job requirements. Continuously monitors engine conditions and automatically adjusts for peak operation. Improved durable aluminum channel wiring harness allows easy servicing.

Swirl-Port Cylinder Head: Provides advanced airflow to reduce emissions and increase low-end torque.

High-Capacity Oil Pump and Pan: Provides superior lubrication for longer component life and extended service intervals.

FCD Power Cylinder: Proven single-piece ferrous cast ductile iron pistons for maximum durability and reliability. Individual, 7-bolt, cross-flow cylinder heads offer high efficiency and pressure capability.

Camshaft and Gear Train: Large-diameter micro-finished camshaft and heavy duty gear train with high contact ratio spur gears to provide higher capacities and greater durability.

Prelub System: Prevents starts without oil pressure. This eliminates dry starts which improves engine life.

500,000 gallons to overhaul: Proven power cylinder, one-piece cast iron block, heavy duty crankshaft and connecting rods allow a life to overhaul of up to 500,000 gallons (1,892,706 liters) of fuel burned with no mid-life overhaul required.

CENTINEL™: Constantly monitors engine duty cycle and load factors, removing small amounts of used oil as required and replenishing with new oil. The removed oil is blended into the fuel system to be burned during combustion. Extends oil change intervals up to 4,500 hours.


Maintenance Intervals

Fuel filtration up to 1500 hours
Engine Oil w/ CENTINEL up to 4500 hours*
Oil filter change up to 1000 hours

*oil sampling required

Brochures Available

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