Features and Parameters

Similar to experienced drivers, Vehicle Acceleration Management helps eliminate excessive acceleration in lightly loaded, bobtail and diminishing load applications. Limiting excessive acceleration helps reduce the amount of fuel consumed during acceleration events, and reduces the wear on the driveline and tires.

By default, VAM is disabled (except in SmartTorque 2 applications) and has to be enabled under the Vehicle Setup portion of Feature Spec.

There are two sets of parameters that can be tailored to your application.

  • Acceleration Rate Allowed (VAM Acceleration Rate)

  • Vehicle Speed Threshold (VAM Vehicle Speed)

Overall, four parameters can be tailored. The first two parameters set the maximum rate of acceleration until the vehicle speed threshold has been met. The two acceleration rates are set to allow for adequate and smooth acceleration. This avoids over acceleration that doesn't make a significant impact in trip time.

The following parameters are default values and can be adjusted:


Default Value


Value Range

VAM Acceleration Rate 1




VAM Acceleration Rate 2




VAM Vehicle Speed 1




VAM Vehicle Speed 2




We recommend that you utilize the default values to get a feeling how VAM will affect you and / or your drivers. After understanding the effect VAM will have on your operation, and then consider adjusting the parameters to meet your needs.