Features and Parameters

The Real-Time Clock feature is activated through the application of Cummins INSITE service tool or Cummins INSPEC fleet management tool. Once activated, the Real-Time Clock cannot be disabled and ECM cumulative hours are no longer available.

It is strongly recommended that the Real-Time Clock feature only be activated when the associated battery backup module has been installed. This module ensures a constant power supply to the real time clock and reduces the chances of the clock losing accuracy.

It should be noted that, as the backup module is installed in the engine harness, if the harness is disconnected from the ECM for any reason and in excess of 5 seconds, the Real-Time Clock will recognize the power loss and generate the appropriate diagnostic fault code. Resetting of the code and warning lamp once again requires the application of the relevant service tool.

By accessing the Real-Time Clock screen in the Adjustments section of the INSITE service tool, the Real Time Clock feature can be initially enabled and the date and time set manually in units of year, month, day of month, hour (24 hour base), minute and second.

The date and time can also be automatically set. In this case, each time the INSITE service tool is applied, it uses the current PC time and date to check and update the Real Time Clock. It is therefore essential that the PC date and time values are correct before applying the tool.

Should the battery back up module not be installed, a loss of power in excess of 5 seconds will cause a loss of Real Time Clock accuracy and result in the generation of a diagnostic fault code and illumination of the fault code warning lamp. The diagnostic fault code and warning lamp can only be reset through the use of the Cummins INSITE service tool.