Theory of Operation

The ISX Maintenance Monitor feature is an on-board engine monitoring program that can be setup to alert the operator when routine oil drains, the associated oil filter changes, and any other related service events, are due. The intervals used for the maintenance schedule can be calculated automatically by the Electronic Control Module (ECM) based on a customer selected engine duty cycle, or set to the customers own preferred limits in terms of distance traveled or time elapsed. The feature also stores historical maintenance data that can detail the life of the engine.

Keys to Success
The Maintenance Monitor alert function relies on the operator's ability to recognize the lamp sequence. Training operators on how the feature works and what to expect is essential.


Maintenance Monitor is an effective way of tracking service intervals; however, it does not replace the need for historical records. Some failure modes will have an impact on the feature's ability to track maintenance intervals. For example, if the vehicle speed sensor has a failure and is not repaired immediately, the engine will not know that the vehicle is accumulating miles. This could lead to longer intervals than desired. Historical maintenance information is also valuable in other areas like diagnosis of problems, assessment of durability, etc. For these reasons, the Maintenance Monitor feature should be used to compliment your own tracking systems.