Features and Parameters

Engine Protection is standard and always activated. This means the Electronic Control Module will constantly monitor critical operating parameters and take steps to protect the engine from progressive damage. When an out-of-range condition occurs, the Engine Protection feature may determine to derate or even shut down the engine. Engine Power and speed will be gradually reduced in relation to the severity of the monitored condition. The Engine Protection feature will NOT shut down the engine unless the Engine Protection Shutdown feature has been enabled.

Engine Protection Shutdown
If the Engine Protection feature determines that certain critical operating limits have been exceeded and that continued operation may cause damage to the engine, it can initiate an engine shutdown if this option has been enabled. Prior to an Engine Protection Shutdown the in-cab STOP lamp will flash for 30 seconds providing the operator with a warning to pull over to the side of the road as soon as safely possible. Select this feature option if the added confidence and security of automatic Engine Protection Shutdown is desired.

Engine Protection Shutdown Manual Override
Enabling this feature option allows the operator to override a pending Engine Protection initiated shutdown. Operator override of the shutdown is accomplished through the use of an OEM installed additional switch. When the operator triggers this switch while the STOP lamp is flashing, a timer within the ECM will reset and allow the engine to run for an additional 30 seconds before shutting down the engine. PowerSpec currently doesn't support this feature.

Feature / Parameter  Range  Default  
Engine Protection Shutdown - Feature Option Enable/Disable Disable  
Engine Protection Shutdown Manual Override - Feature Option Enable/Disable