Driver Technique

Driver Reward monitors and analyzes the drivers trip fuel economy and trip idle time at regular intervals, providing the appropriate speed rewards or penalties once the selectable company threshold standards are met. As the driver performance data accumulates over the course of a trip, the program averages the information and updates the driver reward level.

A driver will need to meet both fuel economy and time spent at idle performance standards at a particular level before the appropriate reward is made available.

It is necessary to ensure that trip information is reset prior to commencing a trip, and then at least 50 miles must be traveled to allow the system to initialize. After this first 50 miles, the system will begin another trip interval during which the trip data will be monitored and analyzed. This accumulation and averaging of trip information will continue until the Driver reward logs are reset when the Trip Information logs are reset. The logs are reset using Cummins PowerSpec.

With an optional Cummins Road Relay installed, drivers also have "real-time" access to their driving performance and the prevailing Driver Reward level.