Driver Reward

The Driver Reward feature seeks to modify driver behavior by offering incentives to use less fuel. Desirable driving habits, such as low percentage of idle time, and high MPG, are rewarded with higher limits on the Road Speed Governor, Cruise Control or both. Drivers operating engines with Electronic SmartTorque, can also be rewarded with an earlier transition to a higher torque output during torque transitions.

The program monitors and averages the drivers trip fuel economy and trip idle percent time at regular intervals, providing the driver with rewards once customer selectable threshold standards are achieved. The monitored trip information continues to average driver performance data and update reward levels accordingly, until reset using Cummins PowerSpec. The resetting of the Driver Reward Log is accomplished when the Trip Information is reset.

With an optional Cummins Road Relay installed, drivers also have continuous access to their real-time performance and prevailing Driver Reward level.