Features and Parameters

Setup of the ISX Accelerator feature group is easy. First, choose the accelerator type (Automotive or Variable Speed). The choice should be based on vehicle configuration and operator preference. If a remote accelerator is required and the vehicle is so equipped, the remote option should be selected.

Accelerator Type
Choose the desired accelerator type (Automotive or Variable Speed) based on vehicle configuration and operator preference. If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, the Automobile (Automotive) accelerator selection is required. The Automotive accelerator gives you a pedal feel similar to that of your automobile. Torque output is proportional to accelerator pedal position. The Variable Speed Accelerator controls engine speed rather than torque. Half accelerator pedal position will give you 50% of the engines rated RPM with the ability to deliver full engine power at that rpm.

If no preference is selected, engines are programmed with the Automotive Accelerator selection.

Switchable Accelerator Type
This feature has no required parameters for setup but does however require the installation of additional wiring and a cab mounted switch. Choose this feature if the ability to change accelerator types with a switch is desired.

Remote Accelerator
Choose this feature if the vehicle application requires the convenience and speed control of a remote accelerator pedal.

Accelerator Interlock
This feature has no required parameters for setup but is dependent on the installation of a OEM supplied interlock hardware and associated wiring. Choose this feature if vehicle application requires the ability to disable the accelerator pedal under desired conditions.

Parameter Summary Table

Feature / ParameterRangeDefault 
Accelerator Type - ParameterAutomotive/Variable SpeedAutomotive 
Switchable Accelerator Type - Feature OptionNo parameters - hardware onlyDisable 
Remote Accelerator - Feature OptionEnable/DisableDisable 
Accelerator Interlock - Feature OptionNo parameters - hardware onlyDisable