ISM Maintenance Monitor

The ISM Maintenance Monitor feature is an on-board engine monitoring program that can be set up to alert the operator when routine oil drains, the associated oil filter changes and other related maintenance events, are due. The intervals used for the maintenance schedule can be calculated automatically by the Electronic Control Module (ECM) based on a customer selected engine duty cycle, or set to the customers own preferred limits in terms of distance traveled or time elapsed. The feature also stores historical maintenance data that can detail the life of the engine.

The Maintenance Monitor feature is easily accessed and set up using the Cummins INSITE service tool. Here the customer can enable the feature, select the desired mode of monitoring and tailor the interval parameters to best suit operational conditions. It is important that you use the appropriate maintenance products that meet or exceed Cummins specifications such as Fleetguard filters and Valvoline lubricants. Consult your Operation and Maintenance Manual for Cummins recommendations on specific maintenance intervals and products.

The determination of the recommended Oil Drain Intervals is based on numerous factors including the Vehicle Duty Cycle, the Oil Grade used, the type of turbo-charger installed and the Sulfur Content of the fuel burned. These may differ between geographical areas. It is therefore essential that you consult your appropriate Operation and Maintenance manual when programming this feature.

Please note that the application for which the engine is operated will effect the required maintenance intervals.