ISM Gear Down Protection

The ISM Gear Down Protection feature promotes increased fuel economy by encouraging the vehicle driver to operate as much as effectively possible in top gear where fuel consumption is lower. This is accomplished by limiting vehicle speed in lower gears. Maximizing time in top gear means the engine runs in a lower rpm range, where fuel eeconomy is best and improved durability without compromising performance.

The imposed vehicle speed reduction is related to the load under which the engine is operating so that the driver always has access to full engine power when necessary. This is possible because Gear Down Protection senses engine load. It can be setup so that under heavy loads it would allow a maximum vehicle speed that would not adversely affect performance should the operator need to downshift. Under light loads, when downshifting would be unnecessary, Gear Down Protection can be setup to provide an appreciable limit in vehicle speed, thereby providing the operator with a strong incentive to remain in top gear.