ISM Engine Brake

The ISM can be equipped with an optional Engine Compression Brake which enables the engine to decelerate the vehicle. By turning the energy producing ISM into an energy absorbing air compressor, the engine becomes a highly effective brake on the drive train which slows the vehicle considerably.

In service, it is possible for the driver to apply the (integrated) Engine Compression Brake instead of, or even together with, the vehicle service brake, thereby reducing service brake wear and the associated replacement costs. In severe braking conditions, use of the (integrated) Engine Compression Brake will minimize the chances of service brake overheating as well as brake fade.

Once installed, the (integrated) Engine Compression Brake only becomes available to the driver when the (cab mounted) dash mounted Engine Brake On/Off switch is set to ON. A second cab mounted switch is provided to control the braking power level when the (integrated) Engine Compression Brake is activated.

Increased flexibility is provided through various options and programmable parameters that allow the user to tailor Engine Compression Brake application and operation to best suit the driving conditions . These options include the method of Engine Compression Brake actuation, rate of brake application, and the (minimum) vehicle speed range in which engine braking is allowed.