Features and Parameters

Using PowerSpec, the Driver Reward feature is easily accessed and configured. Here, the user can enable the feature, set the expected fuel economy and idle time standards, establish threshold limits for progressive speed rewards and select the speed reward mode.

A user might for instance decide that the expected fuel economy and idle percentage standards should be 6.5 MPG and 25% respectively. At this level, it might be decided that no additional speed rewards should be given through either the Road Speed Governor and/or Cruise Control. Driver performance that exceeds these standard values can be rewarded with increased maximum speed levels delivered through the Road Speed Governor and/or cruise control.

In addition, desirable driving behavior can also be rewarded with the realization of an earlier transition to higher torque output on those engines equipped with Electronic SmartTorque. Driver performance that fails to meet the standards imposed, may be penalized through a reduced maximum speed permitted by theRoadSpeed Governor and/or Cruise Control, as well as a longer transition to higher torque for the ESP equipped engines.

It is possible for the Cruise Control maximum speed to exceed Road Speed Governor maximum speed. This situation provides greater incentive for the driver to stay in Cruise Control for longer periods of operation.

Driver Reward Enable

Choose this feature if the benefits of the Driver Reward feature are desired.

Global Maximum Vehicle Speed

Although the Road Speed Governor will limit the maximum speed of the vehicle, it is possible for the limit to be exceeded due to the provision of additional speed rewards delivered by the Driver Reward feature. For instance, if the Road Speed Governor maximum vehicle speed is set at 65 MPH and the Driver Reward feature is providing the operator with an additional 3 MPH, the maximum vehicle speed that can be attained would be 68 MPH. The Global Maximum Vehicle Speed is the maximum speed the vehicle may attain, no matter what additional speed rewards the Driver Reward feature may be providing therefore it is critical to understand the relationship between global speed and current speed settings.