Theory of Operation

The Remote PTO feature on your ISC engine is designed to provide constant engine speeds regardless of loads. It can be used in a wide variety of applications that require the engine to provide power to auxiliary devices while the operator is away from the vehicle controls. The feature is setup to protect these devices by limiting torque and speed with most of the same control limits used by the PTO feature. Operation of the Remote PTO feature is very similar to that of the PTO feature and most of the same options and parameters are available for both.

Remote PTO Speed Adjustment
The Remote PTO feature has five pre-programmed engine speeds. It uses a switch installed in a remote location by the OEM to select the desired speed. Engine speed cannot be adjusted (ramped up or down) as in PTO mode. The operator must select one of the preset speeds by toggling the control switch to the ON position.

If the operator desires speed 1, he toggles the switch once. If he desires speed 2, he toggles the switch twice, and so on, up to speed 5. Remote PTO has precedence over the cab PTO feature. This means the operator will be unable to activate the cab PTO until the switch is returned to the OFF position.

Equipment Protection
The Remote PTO feature uses the same control limits as PTO. It can be setup to limit the torque output of the engine during Remote PTO operation. This ensures that torque sensitive devices are not damaged. The PTO Maximum Engine Load parameter should be set at the maximum load rating of devices powered by the engine.

This parameter limits the torque output during ALL Remote PTO operations including accelerator override. If more torque than the maximum load parameter is required, the engine may not achieve the desired Remote PTO Speed Setting.

Accelerator Override
Some applications may require the use of the accelerator pedal in conjunction with the Remote PTO feature. Activation of the PTO Accelerator Override feature allows the operator to override both cab PTO and Remote PTO.

The PTO Accelerator Override Maximum Engine Speed parameter is used to limit engine speed while the accelerator is active. Remember, the engine speed will also be limited by the PTO Maximum Engine Load parameter during override conditions.

Brake and Clutch Override
The Remote PTO feature is not affected by the PTO Brake and Clutch Override features. This means the operator cannot disengage the Remote PTO function by depressing the service brake or clutch pedals.