Driver Technique

The Remote PTO feature on your ISC engine is designed to provide constant engine speeds regardless of loads. It can be used in a wide variety of applications that require the engine to provide power to auxiliary devices. The feature is designed to protect these devices by limiting torque and speed. It can also be setup to allow the use of the accelerator.

Remote PTO Control Switch
The Remote PTO feature uses its own control switch that must be wired by the OEM. The switch may be located anywhere on the vehicle. The switch will only activate Remote PTO at vehicle speeds below the PTO Maximum Vehicle Speed parameter.

To engage Remote PTO:

  • Make sure the vehicle is moving less than the PTO Maximum Vehicle Speed parameter.

  • Toggle the ON/OFF switch to ON. The engine will assume Remote PTO Speed Setting 1. If setting 2 is desired, toggle the switch to the ON position two times. If setting 3 is desired, toggle the switch 3 times, etc... To operate properly, each consecutive toggle less than a half second apart.

To switch speed settings:

  • Flip the ON/OFF switch to OFF. Hold for two seconds.

  • Toggle the ON/OFF switch the appropriate number of times for the desired speed setting.

To use the accelerator (ONLY if the PTO Accelerator Override feature is enabled):
Depress the accelerator. This will temporarily increase engine speed (limited by the PTO Accelerator Override Maximum Engine Speed parameter). Remote PTO will automatically resume engine control when the accelerator is released.

To disable Remote PTO:
Flip the ON/OFF switch to OFF.

Driving Tips
Remote PTO engine speed and torque output are limited by several pre-programmable parameters. These parameters are used to protect the auxiliary devices powered by the engine. This means the engine may achieve different maximum engine speeds under different operating and loading conditions. If there is a problem with engine speed or power during Remote PTO operation, check the PTO and Remote PTO parameters to ensure proper setup.

Vehicle speeds are limited by the PTO Maximum Vehicle Speed parameter. Remote PTO will not function at speeds above the pre-programmed limit. The maximum setting for this parameter is 15 mph. If the Remote PTO feature will not function at speeds below this limit, check the PTO Maximum Vehicle Speed parameter to ensure proper setup.