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So far only one feature can be accessed and configured using Cummins PowerSpec.

High Soot Load Shutdown
The High Soot Load Idle Shutdown feature for 2010 will monitor the soot load within the Diesel Particulate Filter while the engine is in the idle or PTO operation mode. If the high soot load threshold is reached the operator will first notice the “DPF lamp” illuminated followed by the 'Check Engine' lamp illuminated. This feature will warn the driver that an engine shut down is pending before the stop engine soot level threshold is reached. The driver will be notified that the shutdown is pending by the flashing “Check Engine Lamp” for 30 seconds. This feature can prevent unnecessary DPF replacements due to extended idle and/or PTO operation by monitoring if the soot level is too high within the DPF.

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High Soot Load Shutdown - Parameter