PowerSpec Features

 Cummins PowerSpec is a free downloadable PC application designed to empower customers to do the following operations with a Cummins engine:

  • Gearing Your Vehicles - provides recommendations and a calculator to help optimize vehicle gearing for a specified application and load.
  • Reading Engine Data - reads engine feature settings, trip information, and fault codes from a Cummins engine (requires INLINE adapter).
  • Configuring Electronic Features - provides recommended electronic engine feature settings based upon vehicle application and business profile, and allows you to change these settings on a Cummins engine (requires INLINE adapter).
  • Road Relay - provides access to a RoadRelay device (read RoadRelay data, change RoadRelay feature settings and download RoadRelay calibrations.)

Once in PowerSpec, you’ll see these features in tabs on the left-hand side, as seen in the image above.

Click on this in the tool when you are connected to an engine and ready to spec it.

PowerSpec generates reports for most of Engine and RoadRelay operations. These reports are maintained as history records at the local drive of your PC. The reports can be viewed or deleted at any time.

Feature Spec
A PowerSpec 'engine feature spec' is a set of Cummins electronic engine feature settings optimized for your vehicle profile. All specs are stored at your local database in text format. With PowerSpec, you have choice of:
  1. Create / Delete spec.
  2. Load spec that someone sent to you.
  3. Save your specs in different formats.
RoadRelay Spec
PowerSpec supports RoadRelay 4 and 5. User can read RoadRelay data, modify the feature settings and update the RoadRelay with the latest software. Visit roadrelay.cummins.com for more information.

Feature Descriptions
PowerSpec provides feature descriptions for every engine. Once you select your engine, you can see the details about that feature within PowerSpec.

Vehicle Gearing
In PowerSpec you will be able to gear your vehicle according to your specific driving conditions:    

  • PowerSpec will provide recommendations to help select the proper combination of driveline components.
  • Evaluate different tires, transmissions, and drive axles by using the gearing calculator.
  • Save your gearing spec for later use.
  • Print your gearing summary report for future reference.

The advanced feature allow you to change settings to the PowerSpec tool and obtain a PowerSpec tool license for your PC.

If you have questions or need help with PowerSpec, call 1-800-CUMMINS and select option 2.