Cummins Newsletters

Cummins offers a number of email newsletters and online newsletter websites to keep you up to date on the latest news and information regarding our products, customers, and the industry.  Please see the summaries below and use the links to the right to sign up for our publications. We never use your information for anything other than sending the newsletters you request, and you can stop your subscription at any time, here or with a handy link at the bottom of every email newsletter you receive.

Cummins Engines Blog features stories about Cummins engines, customers, and news.

Cummins press releases are posted online for your convenience as they are issued

Bus News features news and product information from the Cummins bus marketing group for the motorcoach, school bus, urban transit and shuttle bus markets, delivered quarterly.

First Responder - This quarterly newsletter for the Fire and Emergency vehicle market includes information on engines, products and upcoming shows.

Cummins SuccessLine newsletter is also available for on-highway truck dealers who offer Cummins engines. If you'd like to subscribe to this monthly publication to help your customers with the latest Cummins information, please ask your Cummins representative to put you on the subscriber list.