Genuine Cummins Diesel Particulate Filters
Improve Total Cost of Ownership for ISX Engines.

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Cummins is pleased to release new Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) product offerings aimed at improving the total cost of ownership for ISX engines. In addition to reducing prices by up to 20% on new DPFs, Cummins has also released an innovative new DPF substrate design for ISX EPA 2007 engines and low cost ReCon® DPF options for ISX EPA 2013 and EPA 2010 engines. When it’s time to service or replace your DPF, Genuine Cummins Parts and Service is always the smart choice.

Introducing the NEW Cummins ISX EPA '07 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The innovative new design of the Cummins ISX EPA 2007 DPF exceeds the technical performance of non-genuine DPF's, and even the preceding Genuine Cummins DPF. The design of the substrate wall doubles the DPF's ash holding capacity, reduces engine backpressure and increases the recommended service interval to 500,000 miles (804,672 km). That's double the miles when compared to the previous design, allowing you to fit it and forget it.

DPF Features and Benefits TableReduced back pressure on the engine improves the overall engine performance and reliability, while the increased ash capacity results in less frequent cleaning and active regenerations. When compared to the previous Cummins DPF you'll see 30%* fewer active regenerations and improved fuel economy. This all means more money in your pocket.

Cummins recently conducted an analysis of a Genuine Cummins DPF and a non-genuine DPF, which ultimately demonstrated that due to a smaller median pore size and thicker walls, non-genuine DPFs have lower cell density and lower porosity. These differences can result in higher back pressure, as well as a faster rate of soot build-up. Additionally, our analysis discovered that non-genuine DPFs can be more susceptible to cracking due to rapid changes in temperature.

While a non-genuine DPF might seem cost effective up-front, the reality is that the need for more frequent cleaning, reduced performance and additional downtime will increase expenses in the long run.

*Annual calculations based on an estimated 250 miles per day at 5 days a week.
† Estimate based on improved service interval and estimated fuel economy savings.

For more information please refer to Bulletin 5410625. Click here to find the Cummins distributor or authorized dealer nearest you, or call the Cummins Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467).

Cummins ReCon Diesel Particulate Filters
For EPA 2013 and EPA 2010 ISX15 and ISX12 engines.

Owners of EPA 2013 and EPA 2010 ISX15 and ISX12 engines can now purchase Genuine Cummins ReCon DPFs from their local Cummins authorized service facilities. These particulate filters have been thoroughly cleaned and examined using a proprietary multi-step process that ensures long-lasting performance, reduced engine backpressure and ash holding capacity similar to that of a new Genuine Cummins DPF. Remanufactured Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are not for sale in California.

During operation of Cummins ISX15 and ISX12 engines, carbon particles and other residual materials in the exhaust stream are trapped within the wall-flow filter. During regeneration, the filter is heated (like a self-cleaning oven), leaving only a small amount of ash. Over time, ash builds up inside the filter and will eventually inhibit the performance of the aftertreatment system. When this happens, the DPF needs to be cleaned or replaced. Cummins recommends a ReCon DPF exchange when possible.

When you purchase a Cummins ReCon DPF, your old DPF is simply removed and replaced with the ReCon DPF. And, in a short amount of time you’re back on the road, delivering loads and making money, instead of waiting for a cleaning process that takes up to 8 hours and could have your truck down for a whole day.

In addition to increased downtime, field cleaning methods that use a combination of air pressure and heat are not always effective. The effectiveness of the field cleaning isn't always accurately verified before you leave the repair shop. The combination of heat, ash and residual chemicals can bond together and create a resistant material that cannot be easily displaced through suction or forced air.

Cleaner Is Better.
The Cummins multi-step remanufacturing process includes advanced cleaning and validation techniques which ensure all ReCon DPFs are clean, every time. These steps include an inspection process, pneumatic air cleaning, a wet and dry cleaning process as well as a proprietary visual imaging inspection process. Cummins uses proven techniques and advanced technology, we subject every ReCon DPF through a controlled factory process to ensure that each DPF is restored to near-new performance specifications.

Better To The Core.
Because Cummins gives full credit for acceptable core, exchanging your used DPF for a Cummins ReCon DPF helps reduce your cost even further. ReCon DPFs truly are the most cost effective method for keeping your aftertreatment system working properly.

For more information on ReCon DPFs please reference Bulletin 2878897.  Click here to find the Cummins distributor or authorized dealer nearest you, or call the Cummins Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467).

Emissions Compliance Just Got More Affordable

The 20% price reduction on Genuine Cummins Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) will remain in place for 2017. Prices have been reduced to provide genuine value to customers and further improve total cost of ownership.

Customers can enjoy reduced prices on:

⚫ EPA 2007 DPFs: ISB, ISC, ISL and ISX
⚫ EPA 2010 DPFs: ISB, ISC and ISL
⚫ EPA 2013 DPFs: ISB, ISL and ISX.

The Cummins network has over 4,000 authorized parts and service locations throughout North America ensuring that a Genuine Cummins DPF is never hard to find. Cummins distributors and authorized dealers stock parts in local inventory, so no matter where you’re located, you can find a Genuine Cummins part. From better performance and reliability to unmatched warranty and service support, Genuine Cummins DPFs add genuine value to your Cummins-powered equipment.

Click here to find the Cummins distributor or authorized dealer nearest you, or call the Cummins Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467).

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