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X15 + Endurant TransmissionConnected Solutions
X12Cummins Components
L9N Natural Gas EngineAEOS
Spark-Ignited 2.8L DemonstratorCummins X12 & X15 Wallpapers

Powertrains from Cummins

X15 + Endurant Transmission

Combining the Cummins X15™ Efficiency Series engine with the new Endurant automated manual transmission from Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies brings the next level of efficient performance to the trucking industry. The X15 already delivers the lowest cost of ownership of any engine in its class – bar none. And what makes it number one with Class 8 fleets is how it does so without compromising performance or reliability. Ratings range from 400 hp to 500 hp (238-372 kW) with a peak torque of 1850 lb-ft (2805 N•M). Integration with the revolutionary Endurant transmission, ADEPT™ advanced electronic features, and connected technology provide an absolutely unbeatable combination of fuel efficiency and performance.


The Cummins X12™ is the productivity champion. Its advanced design is at least 150 lbs lighter than the next closest competitive engine and up to 600 lbs lighter than other medium-bore engines, while delivering up to 500 hp (373 kW) and 1700 lb-ft (2305 N•M) peak torque. The highest power-to-weight ratio of any heavy-duty engine from 10 liters to 16 liters enables higher payloads and keeps operating costs to an absolute minimum. The X12 is ideal for regional-haul, vocational and intermodal truck applications.


L9N Natural Gas Engine

Proven reliability and clean combustion with a maintenance-free Three-Way Catalyst (TWC) make the new 2018 Cummins Westport L9N™ the natural choice in refuse trucks, buses and vocational vehicles. The L9N sets a new standard for performance and reliability at ultra-low emissions levels – 90% lower than current standards.


Spark-Ignited 2.8L Demonstrator

Cummins has long pioneered diesel and natural gas fuel technologies in the commercial vehicle industries – but we are always investigating new ways of providing value to our customers. This demonstrator engine has been developed to test other liquid fuels, like ethanol and gasoline. Fusion Series blends the best of diesel and alternative fuel technology. Using E-85 ethanol, this engine accumulated more 1500 hours of experience while reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 80% over baseline gasoline-powered medium duty trucks.

2.8L Demonstrator Results Report


Connected Solutions

Cummins advanced suite of telematics services includes engine monitoring, real-time diagnostics, prognostics and on-the-road calibration updates. Remote engine fault code monitoring and analysis are achieved using Connected Diagnostics, with fault codes being responded to within minutes and a recommended action sent to fleet management. Connected Advisor provides real-time prognostic capabilities for maintenance and service scheduling, while Connected Software Updates upgrade your engine software to the latest calibration without ever having to visit a service facility. Together, these high-tech features enable your Cummins-powered vehicle to run with the highest efficiency, lowest maintenance costs and utmost confidence.


Cummins Components

Engine manufacturers around the world incorporate Cummins components to make their products truly outstanding. This includes aftertreatment, filtration, fuel systems and turbochargers, along with generator engines and alternators. Check out the link below to see how our innovative components technology provides better performance, efficiency and reliability across a broad range of Cummins and competitive engines.

Single ModuleTM Aftertreatment System
The heavy duty system is up to 40% lighter and 60% smaller in – the increased thermal management offers efficiency improvements.  Plus, with fewer active regenerations and maintenance intervals out to 600-800,000 miles, the cost of operation keeps getting better.

EnviroguardTM Electronic Rotating Crankcase Ventilation System
With less energy required overall lower pressures, this system offers more horsepower and better fuel economy through improved turbocharger protection

Holset VGTTM
Lighter weight and smaller packaging than the previous generation, HE400VG, 11% (4kg) lighter and 8% smaller. This VGT offers better transient response, stronger durability, and enhances engine efficiencies by up to 3%. 

Fuel Module
This fuel Module has an integrated air handling system for seamless mounting onto the engine, plus higher filter/dust contamination capacity for longer life.

XPI fuel System
The XPI fuel system has the highest injection pressure in the industry (rated to 2600 bar) providing capability for optimal combustion and fuel economy.  Plus, with low leakage injectors, oil lubrication, and pressure-assisted actuators – the fuel system is designed for maximum robustness to fuel properties.



Unveiled in August, AEOS is a battery-powered electric demonstrator vehicle.  With a design inspired by Cummins and an integration of electric powertrain components by Cummins, the truck was built by Roush.  It is a 4x2 day cab best suited for urban delivery, port drayage, and terminal container handling. Here are some more facts:

Powertrain:  Cummins Integrated Electrified Powertrain

Emissions:  Zero

Name:  AEOS – from Greek mythology, Aeos is one of the 4 winged horses driving the chariot of the Sun God, Helios, across the sky each day

Efficiency:  Over 30 miles per gallon (diesel equivalent)

Acceleration:  25-35% faster than an 11 to 12-liter powered equivalent vehicle (rear axle ratio dependent)

Range:  100 miles on a single charge, extendable up to 300 miles (with additional battery packs)

GVWR Max:  75,000 lbs

Payload Max:  44,000 lbs

Tractor weight:  18,000 lbs

Energy storage:  One 140 kWh (kilowatt hour) battery pack with 2 enclosures (Can include up to three total battery packs)

Battery type:  High energy Li-ion

Traction Motor:  350 kW peak / 225 kW continuous (400 Nm peak / 1850 Nm continuous)

Drive:  Direct drive / drive by wire with continuous acceleration (no gear shifting required)

Charge time:  One hour with plug-in to a 140 kWh charging station; By 2020, expected to reduce to 20 minutes

Energy efficiency:  New aerodynamic design reduces drag, low rolling resistance tires utilize less energy, air-drag reduced without front radiator intrusion and replacing side mirrors with in-dash camera view

Energy recovery:  Collects considerable “free” energy from regenerative brake system and driving, tractor equipped to import energy from solar panels on trailer roof

System stop:  When the vehicle stops, the powertrain movement also stops until needed, increasing energy efficient for urban duty cycles

REEV modularity:  Adaptable to a Range Extender Electric Vehicle with Cummins B6.7 engine-generator system installed in free-space under hood, Zero-Emissions Vehicle: 100 miles city geofenced operation, Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle: 600-mile range

BEV modularity:  Battery Electric Vehicle operation extendable to 300 miles with zero emissions utilizing additional battery enclosure in free space under hood and at cab rear

Driver interface:  Dashboard includes two additional gauges - Electric Power Level and Battery Pack State of Charge (0-100%)

Real-time connectivity with Cummins over-the-air diagnostics, freight logistical information and platooning capability

Driving safety:  All-round mirror camera view; Lane assist feature; Shorter front end with steeply sloping hood significantly increasing driver front visibility


Cummins Mobile Wallpapers

Proudly display Cummins products on your phone.  Click on the link below for the image you want to set as your phone wallpaper. Once the image appears, “hold” on it to save it to your photo gallery. Then, go to the “wallpaper” option in your system preferences to select that image as your wallpaper and background.