Motorhome and RV Generators by Cummins Onan


Cummins Onan generators help you get the most enjoyment from your motorhome, with efficient, reliable energy to power all your critical systems and favorite toys. Whether you own a motorized or towable RV, Cummins Onan has the right generator to suit your needs.

Here are just a few reasons Cummins Onan should be your next generator:

Reliable Power

Whether you’re exploring the wilderness or relaxing at the campground, you can rely on your Cummins Onan generator to power lights, TVs, laptops, A/C units and more. Even in extreme temperatures or high altitudes, where other generators’ output can lag substantially, Cummins Onan consistently delivers outstanding performance.

Quiet Operation

Family conversations and the sounds of nature shouldn’t be drowned out by a noisy motorhome generator. Cummins Onan specially engineers our generators for quiet operation. Advanced enclosed mufflers make them the quietest in the industry.

Wide Selection

Cummins Onan has the perfect generator for any RV – motorized or towable. In fact, we have the industry’s widest lineup of RV generators. With gasoline, LP and diesel units to choose from, Cummins Onan generators are rated from 3,200 to 12,500 watts. To estimate your needs, check out our RV generator calculator.

Superior Service

With more than 1,000 dealers and 150 distributor locations, Cummins Onan has the industry’s largest service network. And did we mention our nationwide Coach Care™ RV service locations? Coach Care service centers provide bumper-to-bumper care exclusively for motorhomes. Built with RV owners in mind, Coach Care locations feature comfortable lounges, WiFi, overnight parking and more.

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