Darlington, UK (November 16, 2005) - Cummins launched its Euro 4 ISBe engines to the UK bus and coach market at a special media event.

Having already established an excellent reputation for performance and fuel economy at Euro 3, the ISBe gets even better from Euro 4 onwards. These engines have been improved in key areas, benefiting bus and coach operators with higher performance and lower operating costs. Torque and power are increased, allowing the ISBe engines to move up to new application classes traditionally associated with engines of higher displacement.

Simon Guest, Cummins Euro Certified Product Leader says "The ISBe now allows operators to specify a common engine platform, with four and six cylinder variants, which meets the requirements for midi bus, large single deckers, double deckers and coaches. This will bring major operational and maintenance benefits."

ISBe design enhancements include the new block with higher displacement, the Cummins Integrated Emissions Management (I.E.M.) exhaust filtration system, the new high-pressure common rail fuel system and the new electronic control module.

The new block design has increased displacement from 3.9 to 4.5 litres (4-cylinder) and 5.9 to 6.7 litres (6-cylinder). Growing displacement allows the 4-cylinder ISBe to move up to 185ps and 700Nm peak torque which is traditional 6-cylinder engine territory. The 6-cylinder ISBe moves up to 300ps and 1100Nm peak torque, which reflects a massive 17% increase in torque versus Euro 3.

"Cummins evolution of the ISBe engine has responded to the critical operational needs of the coach and bus market. The results are a tested and optimised solution that delivers impressive improvements in power and torque. These improvements are managed without any adverse impact on running costs. In fact, testing to date has shown results even more favourable than the 7% fuel economy benefit that we first envisaged. Service intervals are also increased by up to 100%, depending on duty cycle. This will significantly increase vehicle uptime, allowing operators to concentrate on passenger service," adds Mr Guest.

The ISBe engines, which were previewed at last month's Busworld exhibition in Belgium, will meet the Euro 4 emissions legislation with the I.E.M. system using Selective Catalytic Reduction (S.C.R.) technology. It is a fully integrated engine management and after-treatment system with all components available from Cummins Inc. companies. It includes a catalysed filter which significantly reduces NOx emissions and at the same time filters out particulate matter. The whole system is controlled and monitored from the engine mounted ECM, which improves reliability, lowers cost and provides ease of installation. This single source approach offers coach and bus builders the complete engine to exhaust pipe solution all warranted by Cummins.

The Cummins Euro 4 solution has been designed to lower the total cost of ownership from day one. Operators will realise that Cummins technology provides savings that more than justify the investment in equipment. Particularly with recent trends in the price of diesel, the fuel economy benefits of this solution alone far outweigh those of other solutions. Additionally, operator credentials for supporting the very latest low emissions and environmentally friendly passenger service vehicle solutions are now provided from exhaust system components constructed from stainless steel for exceptional long term durability. Initial equipment purchase price is also minimised by having an integrated NOx reduction and particulate filtration solution. Vehicle manufacturers and operators can also gain confidence in using a class leading product with a design that requires minimal changes to meet Euro 5 and beyond.

Further ISBe improvements include a new high pressure common rail fuel system, which is now capable of generating up to 1600 bar injection pressures. This translates to refined and rapid power delivery, reduced noise, and improved cold start. The new high pressure common-rail fuel system is fully integrated with Cummins high precision electronic management system, driven by an upgraded CM850 ECM (Electronic Control Module).

Cummins engine electronics provide for tailoring to suit inner city and urban duty cycles. This is done through a range of ratings and electronic features to suit every task, carefully integrated with the chassis powertrain components. An example of this is acceleration rate management, which controls the vehicle acceleration rate to an operators' desired value providing improved fuel economy and passenger comfort.

Cummins Inc. is the world's largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines. With over 24,000 employees, Cummins reported sales of $8.4 billion in 2004 and produced over 700,000 engines. A substantial manufacturing presence in Europe includes the mid-range engine plant at Darlington UK and the high horsepower engine plant at Daventry, UK. Over 50,000 Cummins ISBe engines have been sold in Europe to date.