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When it Comes to Uptime, We’re All Business.

For your business to succeed, your trucks have to stay on the road. That’s why you need the most bulletproof, reliable, and durable engines available. Cummins offers solutions for all medium-duty customers, from the diesel V5.0™, B6.7™ and L9™ to the Cummins Westport natural gas ISB6.7 G, ISL G and ISL G Near Zero engines.

Cummins medium-duty truck engines have been tested and proven over the course of more than 30 years, so it’s no wonder they power more trucks across North America than any other engine. No one can touch the proven track record of performance on Cummins unparalleled MidRange lineup, and no one comes close to Cummins service and support. Others talk a big game, but only Cummins delivers uptime… big time.

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Proven Reliability And Durability

It’s no secret Cummins MidRange engines continually set the bar for industry standards. By leveraging experience from our diverse range of customers, we are able to continually enhance the stable architecture of our engines. Cummins has built the most dependable products around to keep our customers on the road longer, getting the job done.

Money-Saving Fuel Economy

In 2017, the B6.7 is seeing an average fuel economy improvement of 8.5% for efficiency series ratings (200 – 260 HP) versus our 2013-2016 model year ISB6.7 engines. Some applications, like pickup and delivery, can see up to a 13% improvement. The performance series ratings (280 – 325 HP) of the B6.7 are also seeing increased fuel economy, with an average improvement of 5% and gains of up to 11% in specific duty cycles and applications. How? By focusing on certain components and combustion events, increasing combustion ratios and enhancing turbo machinery efficiency to deliver high torque within the critical RPM range. The medium duty market leader keeps getting better in 2017.

World-Class Customer Support

Cummins offers the best warranty and extended coverage plans in the industry, and backs them with the largest, most capable support network in North America.

Call Cummins Care at 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467) for expert assistance from a Cummins Care representative. If you need service, representatives are available 24/7/365 to help locate the nearest available and authorized facility.

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