C Command PT

C Command for K Series Engines

Operators can now have all the benefits of modern engine monitoring on mechanical products with Cummins C Command PT panels. Based on C Command architecture, this modular panel system includes a selection of display options designed to enhance K Series engine performance and manage costs.

C Command PT Elite Plus includes Classification Society-mandated sensors, alarms and shutdowns. The result is a globally supported, fully classed engine and safety & alarm system that protects against the substantial risk of non-compliance. Certification is available from ABS, BV, DNV, GL and LR.

Available exclusively with C Command PT Elite Plus, Cummins Fuel Consumption Monitor enables accurate, reliable monitoring within +/-3% while providing trip, total and instantaneous measurements on digital remote datalink

Remote Options
  • Control Panel (CP)
  • Electronic Digital Display (ED-3)
  • Remote Control Panel (RP)
Available Upgrades
  • Switch panel
  • Back-up throttle
  • Gear oil pressure
  • Individual cylinder exhaust gas temperature
  • Pre-lube