KTA50 Land-Based Power Module for Drilling (60Hz)


KTA50 Land-Based Power Module for Drilling (60Hz)

Cummins KTA50 drilling power modules are designed, developed, assembled and tested at the Cummins Oil and Gas Center of Excellence and are delivered with the full force of Cummins behind them. Every component from the engine to the alternator is built to provide optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for oil and gas drilling applications. The complete power module package is backed by Cummins service network and warranty, ensuring greater uptime availability and increased rig efficiency.

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General specifications
V-16, 4 Stroke Diesel

Product Finder Specifications

Power 1470 hp / 1096 kW


These modules are to be used in continuous operation at varying load land drilling applications where maximum power is needed for short periods of time during initial starting or sudden overload. Refer to engine data sheet for additional information.

G-Drive Ratings

Model Advertised Power BHP (kW) Hz Rating Emissions Certification Level
KTA50 1855 (1383) @ 1800 60 Non-Certified
KTA50 1470 (1096) @ 1200 60 Non-Certified

Brochures Available

Title Bulletin Number Request View  
Cummins Power For Oil And Gas Drilling Brochure 4087346 Request View  Download
KTA50 Land-Based Drilling Power Module Spec Sheet 4087183 View  Download
Worldwide COE Package Drilling Power Module Warranty 5300006 View  Download