K Series Mechanical Product Line

The legacy K Series has proven reliable and durable in tough marine environments for over 25 years. All KTA19/38/50 propulsion and many auxiliary ratings are available with IMO Tier I certification. Plus, select ratings are now certified to meet more stringent IMO Tier II global emissions standards. The addition of mechanical products to Cummins IMO Tier II product line fills a much needed gap for durable, reliable power without electronic controls.

The K Series product line features the proven Cummins PT fuel system available either as a mechanically controlled fuel pump or an enhanced CENTRY™ electronic governor. The PT fuel system is more tolerant of fuel contaminants, making it a good choice for vessels operating on global fuels—anything from MGO to ULSD.

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Model Ratings
KTA19 Commercial Propulsion373-522 kW (500-700 hp)
KTA19 Auxiliary336-507 kW (450-680 hp)
KTA38 Commercial Propulsion559-1119 kW (750-1500 hp)
KTA38 Auxiliary634-1007 kW (890-1350 hp)
KTA50 Commercial Propulsion1044-1398 kW (1400-1875 hp)
KTA50 Auxiliary880-1291 kW (1180-1730 hp)